Three new products of Wujiang Transformer Factory in Jiangsu Province will be listed soon

The high-voltage/low-voltage prefabricated substation (European box transformer) developed by Jiangsu Wujiang Transformer Factory Co., Ltd., underground transformer and three-phase H-class non-encapsulated dry-type transformer have passed the appraisal of relevant departments.

The high-voltage/low-voltage prefabricated substation developed by the plant is a three-in-one indoor and outdoor complete power distribution equipment according to certain power line requirements, distribution transformers and low-voltage switchgear and control equipment. It has small size, small footprint and light weight. Low cost, fast construction, early power supply, movable, etc., can completely replace the small substation of civil engineering; underground transformer has the advantages of anti-pollution, explosion-proof, environmental protection, energy saving, etc.; three-phase H-class non-encapsulated type Dry-type transformers are self-extinguishing, non-toxic, and have few flammable substances. They are a new generation of products that are reliable, safe, environmentally friendly and low-loss.

A starter solenoid (or starter relay) is the part of a motorcycle which switches a large electric current to the Starter Motor, in response to a small control current, and which in turn sets the engine in motion. Its function is thus identical to that of a transistor, but using an electromagnetic solenoid rather than semiconductor to perform the switching. In many vehicles the solenoid also engages the starter pinion with the ring gear of the engine.

Starter Relay Solenoid

Baotian Scooter Starter Relay Solenoid,Qingqi Scooter Starter Relay Solenoid,Benzhou Scooter Starter Relay Solenoid


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