New drying equipment highlights two major advantages

In the pharmaceutical production process, drying is an extremely important process link, which is directly related to the quality of medicines and the production efficiency of pharmaceuticals. Therefore, with the acceleration of the process of modernization of pharmaceuticals in China, pharmaceutical drying equipment has become a pharmaceutical machine of concern to pharmaceutical companies. One of the products.

The low-energy sterile spray drying unit and the double-cone rotary drying unit jointly developed by Wuxi Zhanghua Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute provide advanced and scientific drying technology equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring that the pharmaceutical production is dry. Stability and safety in the process.

Meet the requirements of dry sterility of pharmaceuticals

Low-energy sterile spray drying unit: In order to enable the drying equipment to be cleaned in situ and in-situ sterilized to avoid secondary pollution to the drug during operation, the technicians used a positive pressure for the low-energy sterile spray dryer. In the drying process, 0.5 units of dust particles in the hot air entering the tower should not exceed 10/liter; the working temperature can be 0~150°C, and the three-flow nozzle is used to make the vapor-liquid contact good, the atomization is uniform, and it is consistent with none. Bacterial operation. Due to the good contact of the vapor mist, the drying time is short, and the drying strength can reach 7 kg (water) / cubic meter.

Double-cone rotary drying unit: In order to achieve the aseptic production requirements in the drying process, the double-cone rotary drying unit designed by the company's technicians (hereinafter referred to as double cone) has the following characteristics: 1. The cylinder is in the middle of the dryer. Shape, the top of the cone has an inlet and outlet and a hole.

The body is divided into three layers: the outer layer is insulated with glass fiber, the energy consumption is very small, the middle jacket is used for hot water circulation, the inner layer is put into the material, and the material is turned and dried under vacuum conditions to avoid the material from being in contact with the body for a long time. phenomenon. The drying time is only about 2/3 of the drying time required for similar materials in a vacuum oven, which improves labor efficiency. 2. The dryer is provided with a baffle device in the jacket, which not only increases the strength of the cylinder, but also stipulates that the direction of the hot water does not go short. They also use rare metal cobalt and nylon contact to increase wear resistance. Good sealing is maintained under vacuum conditions. 3. The whole equipment must have a good stability and concentricity during the operation, so that the two end faces can maintain a certain sealing state.

The two bearing frame of the equipment are welded by carbon steel plate, and two mounting faces are machined on the gantry planer. The main shaft bushing is welded to the cylinder body, and then two shaft holes are machined on the coordinate boring machine. The spindle is welded into the bushing and welded to ensure that the concentricity of the two shafts is within 0.14 mm (capacity below 1000 liters) or within 0.22 mm (5000 liter capacity). In this way, the whole equipment has high strength, stable operation and is not easy to be deformed.

Simplify manufacturing processes and increase efficiency

According to foreign materials, technicians have developed “three-in-one” equipment for filtration, washing and drying. The equipment can complete the three processes of filtration, washing (pumping) and drying in a sealed container, so it can replace the filtration and drying equipment at the same time, and realize the continuous operation of the whole process and the whole process, especially for the products with aseptic requirements. And the production of toxic products.

In the filtration stage, the crystals and the mother liquor are separated first and operated under pressurized vacuum conditions. The smoothing and compaction of the filter cake by smoothing the S-type agitating slurry makes the solid-liquid separation better. In addition, a special rotary spray device is arranged in the container to uniformly distribute the cleaning liquid in the container, and the cleaning inside the container and the cleaning of the material can be simultaneously achieved, and the filter cake and the cleaning liquid are mixed by the rotation and lifting of the stirring blade. More uniform, the slurry suspension cake is thoroughly washed.

The filter cake after suction filtration is scraped layer by layer by the stirring slurry to heat the whole cylinder body and the bottom plate. When the blade leaves the material, the side discharge device needs to be opened, and the material is automatically discharged from the discharge port on the side of the tank wall by pushing the blade. .

In addition, the company has independently developed the “five-in-one” equipment on the basis of the double cone, that is, five processes of crystallization, reaction, filtration, washing and drying in one equipment. To this end, the technician designed the end of the double cone as a circular arc and designed a stirring blade.

During the reaction and crystallization, the cone faces downward, and uniform crystallization and reaction are achieved by stirring of the stirring blade. After crystallization and reaction, the cone was automatically rotated by 180 °C. At the other end of the cone, a filtering and sintering mesh device is designed. After the filter is connected, the mother liquor can be filtered while the washing liquid is passed through the washing interface, and the filter cake is washed during the turning process. In the same drying process, in order to prevent the material from pilling, the stirring blade can also be activated to pulverize the material.

After drying, the end cap is opened like a double cone, and the material is discharged cleanly at one time. Since this device combines the common advantages of the tank type three-in-one and the double cone, it is more practical.

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