Wärtsilä wins LPG ship dual fuel propulsion package order

Wärtsilä, the leading provider of solutions and services for the shipbuilding industry, has received a contract to supply a complete set of dual fuels for two liquefied ethylene gas (LEG)/liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) vessels being built for the Dutch professional gas transport shipping company Anthony Veder. Push the package. The contract was signed in 2012 with Shanghai AVIC International and AVIC Dingheng Shipbuilding. The new ship will be operated in the North Sea region of Europe after completion.
The propulsion package supplied by Wärtsilä includes main and auxiliary engines, gearboxes and CPP, which are expected to be delivered in June 2013 and the tanker is expected to be delivered in mid-2014. The dual-fuel main and auxiliary engines will enable the new vessel to operate as LNG fuel, seamlessly switching fuel types without loss of power or speed, achieving minimal environmental impact and flexible fuel efficiency, meeting sulfur emission control zones (SECA) and nitrogen emissions. Control Area (NECA) requirements.

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