SAIC Iveco Hongyan convenes National Conference Center Library Meeting

In December 2012, SAIC Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. accessories center library meeting was held in Chengdu Jinniu Hotel. The sales department's after-sales service department and 19 national library representatives attended the meeting.

Luo Fuan, the manager of accessories supply department, summarized the sales of accessories in 2012, and detailedly analyzed the accessories business policies and work arrangements for 2013. Luo Fuan conducted an in-depth analysis of the procurement, inventory, terminal sales, and parts delivery of all parts and accessories in 2012, and began to plan and arrange various work in 2013. He explained the 2013 Business Policy for Accessories. At the time, it highlighted the highlights of the 2013 policy, including the credit policy for parts, return policy, and parts warranty policy. Luo Fuan put forward the 2013 work plan: optimize the management process, establish a management system, strengthen the management of the central library; establish a service system to ensure the bottom stock, and conduct daily monitoring, improve the direct satisfaction rate of end-user parts supply; establish a vulnerable regional center Library compensation policy to enhance the supply capacity of spare parts in disadvantaged regions; Establishing an accessory transfer platform to make full use of the existing inventory of the network to revitalize the funds of network members and reduce the inventory overstock; Strengthen market research and competitive product analysis, timely adjust prices and business policies, and expand The original genuine parts of the competitive advantage and market share; increase business training efforts, improve the central library business capabilities; focus on the layout of the accessories export business, to improve the border warehouse accessories, especially the border trade city export capacity.

Speaking of the work of 2012, Zhang Li, the director of after-sales service, expressed his recognition and encouragement. He also pointed out the deficiencies in the work of accessories in 2012. For example, although the fittings have achieved good results, there are irrational and turnover rates for the products. Lower; less communication between parts suppliers and some service providers. Subsequently, Zhang Li conducted trials on the recovery of old and old three-packages for the central bank in Shanxi and Guangzhou, as well as spare parts reserve and service work for new products such as the Jie Ling M100LNG model, wide body tipper and C13 engine in 2013. Elaboration and requirements.

In addition, the meeting conducted heated and in-depth discussions on accessories credits, recycling of old parts, accessory kits, accessory packaging, parts shipments, and operation conditions in various regions. Each of the central libraries actively responded to their own problems and urgently needed solutions. Recommendations and other aspects of the post-sale service to make suggestions, director Zhang Li and office managers also conducted a positive answer and careful records, discussions lasted more than 3 hours, and finally ended in warm applause.

After the discussion, all participants were organized to visit the Chengdu Central Library. Other regional center libraries conducted field visits and studies from venue construction, image display, warehouse layout, and personnel management. During the visit, there were other central libraries for the Chengdu Center. The library put forward suggestions for improvement. Chairman Zhao Fuquan and Huang Mingbiao, general manager of Fujian Quanzhou Guolian, shared their opinions on parts sales, managerial experience, and parts market analysis in 2013.

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