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Drilling vehicle drilling vehicle, also known as mobile drilling platform, is composed of automobile chassis, drilling equipment, transfer equipment, hydraulic system, and tower. The scope of use is mainly used for the construction of seismic blastholes; shallow exploration of exploration for petroleum, natural gas and solid minerals; construction of geological exploration for construction by cities, railways and hydropower; shallow hydrogeological investigation and drilling of wells.

Main features l Pressurization and strong lifting, saving manpower and reducing labor intensity.
l The winch is a planetary winch, which is flexible, safe and reliable.
l In the gear box, an anti-shift mechanism is added. A handle can be used to enable the gyrator to have forward, stop, reverse three-speed positions, which makes it easy to unscrew and unload the active drill rod, saving time and effort.
l Mud pump has strong self-priming ability and can adjust 10 flow rate.
l The faucet is small, light and reliable.
l The active drill pipe is rigid and self-contained, and it can be pressed by its own weight when drilling, and the drilling efficiency is high.
l The starting and falling derricks are hydraulically operated, easy to operate, safe and reliable.
l The vehicle is equipped with four-level hydraulic legs, and the length of any legs can be freely adjusted to suit different work sites.

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