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9m coach's brief description
The 9-meter coach car produced by Dongfeng Suizhou Universiade Special Purpose Vehicle is a special vehicle for driving training schools and is mainly used for the training of drivers. Different from ordinary special-purpose vehicles, the 9-meter coach has special requirements, and the technical condition of the 9-meter coach should comply with GB 72.

The requirements of 58 and the technical requirements for secondary vehicles specified by JT/T 198, and the installation of secondary rear view mirrors, secondary brake pedals, fire extinguishers and other safety protection devices. Road driving 9m coaches also need to have auxiliary accelerator pedals and secondary clutch pedals.
Maintenance of 9m coach
(1) 9m coaches insist on daily maintenance, primary maintenance and secondary maintenance.
(2) Routine maintenance is the responsibility of the coach.
(3) Level 1 maintenance is assisted by the coaches in the school repair shop.
(4) Secondary maintenance is the responsibility of the school repair shop.
(5) The maintenance content of 9m coaches shall be in accordance with the regulations of the traffic department.
(6) After the 9-meter trainer car is maintained, it is necessary to fill in the vehicle technical file.
9 meter coach car inspection
(1) The 9-meter coach car inspection refers to the manual inspection of the 9-meter coach's vehicle capacity, safety performance, safety status, and usage.
(2) Inspection contents: technical condition of vehicle appearance, steering, braking and lighting; fire extinguishers and auxiliary brakes

Pedal, secondary mirror, secondary accelerator pedal, secondary clutch pedal performance.
(3) The 9-meter coach car checks the method of self-check by the coaches, training the coaches in the team to check each other, and sampling by the school security department.
(4) The coach insisted on the "three-inspection" system before training, during training and after training. The training team organizes a mutual inspection once a month. The school organizes sampling inspections every quarter.
(5) The faults discovered during the inspection should be promptly eliminated to ensure the safety of the coach.
9m coach car testing
9m coaches participate in safety technical performance tests every year.
9 Meters Coach Update
The 9m coaches are updated strictly in accordance with the country's retirement period. The updated coaches must be consistent with the test coach models.

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