Green light can prevent agricultural diseases

After many years of experiments, Japan's Shikoku Research Institute found that green light with a wavelength of 480 to 560 nanometers, which is harmless to plant growth and photosynthesis, has better inhibition effects on strawberry anthracnose and cucumber gray mold and other diseases than pesticides.
This is the first time in the biological engineering to use light to prevent diseases. It was learned through experiments that green light can increase and promote the activity of genetic factors in plant resistance. The institute chose the best choice for green light irradiation time, irradiation frequency, etc., and found a causal relationship between plant green light irradiation and disease resistance. Light sources such as light emitting diodes and fluorescent lamps that meet the requirements can be applied. The pesticide-free and disease-preventing technology that can improve the plant's own potential without affecting its development can be developed soon.
The results of the collaborative experiments with strawberry anthracnose from five agricultural research institutes showed that the seedlings grew well at this stage and the situation was normal.

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