Multifunctional Digital Ceramic Kilns Launched in the United States

US Paragon company developed a new type of digital versatile kilns, which can realize the firing of various ceramic products and glass products. It is reported that the digital multi-function firing furnace is 34cm in width, 42cm in width, and a total effective volume of 3 cubic meters. It is mainly used for ceramic research and experimental work. The heating method is to install the heating element on the top, bottom and four sides of the furnace wall, so that uniform heating of the product blank can be achieved. And the use of advanced refractory materials for sealing, its high thermal insulation performance, energy-saving effect is good.

The digital function kiln is equipped with a very advanced digital automatic control system. They are composed of alarm temperature control, automatic temperature measuring cone, thixostat, and memory, and a total of more than 20 components, and are also set in the control system. This is an automatic control program for firing ceramic glaze products. In the firing process, heating can be performed simultaneously by up and down, left, right, and both sides. This greatly improves the thermal efficiency, reduces labor intensity, and shortens the firing time. The maximum firing rate of the digital multi-function kilns is 1280 degrees, which can be used for the firing test and scientific research needs of various ceramics and glass products. When firing different products, the device can be temperature-converted. When firing glass, heat is heated from the furnace and the individual sides. When firing a ceramic product, the hearth and the walls of the furnace are heated together. In addition, the top of the kiln can be disconnected at any time as needed, and the operation is very convenient.

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