industrial Waste Water Treatment Grille Machine

Model NO.: FRP grating
Trademark: JHR
Specification: industrial grille
Origin: China
HS Code: 8421219990
The equipment is used for sewage treatment, such as urban sewage, industrial waste water, food processing, paper making and so on.
The equipment salvaged and removed the floating debris and sediment from the water intake, and disposed the waste disposal of the grid slag Sanitation Center.
Automatic control, smooth operation, low energy consumption, low noise, small grid gap, only 1-5mm. with the aid of fluid diversion, the separation efficiency of equipment can reach 97%, the whole equipment screen can be self cleaning during the operation of the equipment. Grit, slag and hard material lossless equipment, grille will never jam.
The equipment and the horizontal plane are 35 degrees angle installed in the water channel. The sewage flows from the end of the transfer to the drum and flows through the grid joints in the transfer side. The grille leaves the suspended objects and floating objects in the water, and turns them at the speed of 4.6r/min, and the drum has a nylon brush and a rinsing water nozzle above the drum, clearing the gate slag and passing through the spiral. Transportation and running are extruded, dehydrated, transported to the upper row of hopper and transported by conveyor belt.

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Door Frame Rollforming Line

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