Industrial Chiller Manufacturer Offer Heating and Cooling Chiller (LT-8HA)

  • Model NO.: LT-8HA
  • Cooling Method: Air-cooled
  • Selected Voltage: 380V/50HZ
  • Noise Level: Low
  • Application Machine: Grinder
  • Condition: New
  • Max Running Current: 246 a
  • Refrigeration: R22/R134A/R407c
  • Compressor: Hermetic Scroll/ Piston Compressor
  • Fan: Low Noise Outer Fan
  • Heating Device: Heating Tube
  • Transport Package: Standard Wooden Case, Special Requirements Accept
  • Origin: Shenzhen, China
  • Type: Air-Cooled
  • Unit Structure: Integral
  • Compressor Number: 1
  • Application Fields: Printing
  • Certification: CE
  • Cooling Capacity: 17458 Kcal/H
  • Power: 3pH-280V 50Hz(60Hz)
  • Control Mode: Capillary Tube
  • Condenser: Copper Pipe Set of Aluminum
  • Evaporator: Tank with Coil / Shell and Tube
  • Trademark: LingTong
  • Specification: high quality
  • HS Code: 8418692090
Industrial Chiller Manufacturer Offer Heating and Cooling Chiller (LT-8HA) Product Description:
Manufactured using advanced production technology, superior quality, compact structure, beautiful appearance. In order to meet the needs of our customers introduced, to provide professional water for cooling and heating cycles of dual-use one machine, with two sets of cooling and heating systems. Widely used in electronics manufacturing, pharmaceutical chemicals, food processing, experimental research, sponge foam and other necessary systems.
Unit Features:
1. Host Adopted a new US-Japan imported compressor, Built-in security protection, low noise, stable and durable;
2. Aluminum fin condenser, cooling effect is good;
3. Can provide cooling water to cool or provide hot water heating according to the requirement based on production and testing equipment;
4. Adopt high-flow pumps Imported from Italy or Taiwan, Low noise and stable quality;
5. Microcomputer digital temperature controller, integrated operation, simple and practical, high control precision;
6. Electrical original parts and core refrigeration accessories are all adopting the international brand products;
7. Unit is equipped with reverse phase lack protection, motor overload protection, high and low voltage protection, low temperature protection and other security devices, the system are more secure and stable.
Application of the water chiller:
LingTong brand industrial chiller are the perfect solution for any application, in particular for the plastic field, such as: Injection molding, extrusion(sheet & profile), blow molding, thermoforming, PET, plastic film, and other industrial field: Electroplating (surface treatment), medicine, chemical, hydraulic system, leaser, shoe-making, electronic, print, etc.
After-sale service:
1). Customized accept:
LingTong company have one special engineer team for design, they can make the special solution according to your working need, such as customize cooling capacity, special material for ship use, seawater, corrosive, food industry, juice and wine process and etc. Just tell us:
A. What's your water composition? Or industry
B. What's your temperature range?
C. What's your chilled water flow need?
D. What's the working ambient?
E. What voltage do you need?
1. Differing Refrigerants: R22, R407, R134A can be supplied on request
2. Special voltages: 115V 220V~240V 50 Hz or 60 Hz (Single and Three Phase) are available
Then we can choose the right chiller for you.

2). Service:
A. 12 Months warranty.
B. All extra parts for the machine can be purchased with agent price from LingTong.
C. 24 hours working phone call: +8615112554736, Email/ Skype/Trade manager online to support.
D. Professional technical team and sales person give you regarding troubleshooting procedures via Internet and Phone any time when needed.
E. Free and Professional Training at our Factory under the relaxed condition.
Model   LT-3HA LT-5HA LT-8HA LT-10HA LT-12HA LT-15HA
Nominal Cooling capacity kW  50Hz/60Hz 9.1 15.2 24.3 30.2 36.2 45.1
10.5 17.5 27.9 34.7 41.6 51.9
USRT 50Hz/60Hz 2.6 4.3 6.9 8.6 10.3 12.8
3.0 5.0 7.9 9.9 11.8 14.8
x10 4 kcal/h 50Hz/60Hz 0.78 1.30 2.08 2.59 3.10 3.87
0.90 1.50 2.39 2.98 3.57 4.44
Cooling input power kW 2.86 4.89 8.03 9.8 11.3 13.6
Power   3PH 380V 50Hz(200V/220V/415V/460V 50Hz/60Hz)
Refrigerant Type   R22(R407C/R134a)
Control Method   Capillary Expansion valve
Compressor  Type   Hermetic Scroll type
Fan  Type   Spiral axial flow fan
           Cooling air flow x10 4 m³/h 0.4 0.6 1.0 1.3 1.5 1.9
Condenser type   Finned
Evaporator  type   Shell and Tube or tank with coil
Chilled water flow m³/h  50Hz/60Hz 1.6 2.6 4.2 5.2 6.2 7.8
1.8 3.0 4.8 6.0 7.2 8.9
Connetion pipe diameter inch 1 2 3 1-1/2 1-1/2 2
Tank Volume L 50 70 120 200 200 270
water pump Power kW 0.37 0.75 0.75 0.75 1.1 1.5
Lift m 20 20 22 20 20 20
Heating device Type   Heating Pipe
Power kW 6 9 12 12 18 18
Dimension Length mm 930 1140 1300 1530 1530 1850
Width mm 520 560 720 780 780 990
Height mm 975 1040 1310 1430 1430 1680
Weight  shipping weight kg 50 73 95 128 172 190
1.Design Coolimg condition: outside dry bulb temperature 35 Deg.C,Leaving water temperature 7 Deg.C,water flow 0.172m³/(h.kW)
2. Installation site distribution, wiring, please refer to our unit nameplate or installation instructions
3.The above blue font parameters for special voltage model need to special order
4.The company product design specifications, function, performance parameters and shape may change, without prior notice, the specific parameters please refer to our product nameplate

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