Implementing the Prime Minister’s Instructed Spirit, Weichai Power Technology Innovation Center Construction and Speeding up

On June 10-13, 2019, during the investigation in Japan, Tan Xuguang hosted a special meeting to learn and implement the important instructions of Premier Li Keqiang on the inspection of Weichai on May 24 and the video conference with the Tokyo Science and Technology Innovation Center, requesting further expansion of global technology. Innovative cooperation supports our machinery industry, machinery industry, and equipment industry to achieve greater success.
Premier Li Keqiang inspected Weichai Premier Li Keqiang inspected Weichai

During the meeting, Tan Xuguang arranged the talent introduction, school-enterprise cooperation, and cutting-edge technology innovation projects of Weichai Power (Tokyo) Science and Technology Innovation Center.

Tan Xuguang presided over a special meeting Tan Xuguang, Chairman of Weichai Chairman, hosted a special meeting

Tan Xuguang said that we must bear in mind that the general secretary has spared no effort to attack the main business, implement the spirit of the Prime Minister’s instructions, and let the innovation of Weichai Power Technology continue to create a new model for international cooperation of Shandong state-owned enterprises.

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LINA Multi-functional Series

For years, in order to meet the updating and growing needs of "integrated machine" in this industry, LINA's engineers are committed to design multi-functional series machines whose function is "more than one machine". There are three modes under LINA multi-functional series:

1. Pelletizing-cooling Integrated machine.

2. Kneading-Pelletizing Integrated machine.

3. Kneading-Preforming Integrated machine.

The series of LINA multi-functional machines are not only specialized for all kinds of rubber and plastic materials, but also designed for CIM (Ceramic Injection Molding), MIM (Mental Injection Molding) and powder metallurgy.


Main Innovative Points of LINA Multi-Functional Integrated Machines

LINA new designed multi-functional integrated machine successfully centralizes different unit functions into one integrated operation platform. There are several advantages like saving working area, high production efficiency, easy handling and transferring, and easy collection of dust and odor produced in operation process.

The innovation points of kneading and preforming integrated machine is that it is able to use screw or hydraulic method to extrude the material in the Dispersion Kneader to forming or semi-forming. LINA modular forming methods are sheeting, piping and pelletizing. LINA multi-functional series machines truly subvert traditional flipping type dispersion kneader, which sends materials to next step after mixing, the entire separated process has many uncertainties, such as material pollutions, taking more working area and increasing the generation of dust and odor.

LINA multi-functional series machines truly achieve "more than one machine" on one independent operation platform that is modular, intelligent, energy-saving and environmental protection.


LINA Multi-Functional Series 

Value Points:

1. Automation: Continuous kneading and pelletizing.

2. Eco-friendly: No gas masks needed while operating.

3. User-friendly: Quick release design for die head.

4. Modular: Based on user`s demand, manually material feeding can be updated to automatic weighted feeding.


Multi-functional Series

Pelletizing-Cooling Integrated,Kneading-Pelletizing Integrated,Kneading-Preforming Integrated

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