The difference between fault arc detector and arc-extinguishing short-circuit protector

Recently, some manufacturers have used the "arc-type" in the arc-extinguishing short-circuit protector to promote the arc extinguishing, which is more advanced than the fault arc detecting device. This is completely misleading propaganda, confusing the customer's audiovisual, is irresponsible behavior. In view of this, the difference between the fault arc detecting device and the arc extinguishing short circuit protector is explained to the viewer.
The fault arc detection device is a new product of the electrical fire monitoring system. The national standard GB14287.4-2014 was officially implemented on June 1, 2015. This product detects the electrical fire by detecting the parallel fault arc caused by the aging of the line, the damage of the insulation and the contact failure caused by the poor contact of the line, early warning, and promptly notify the user to repair these electrical hazards. Sexual protection.
Fault arc detector
Fault arc, commonly known as electric spark, has a very high center temperature, and there are metal splashes when it occurs, which is very likely to cause fire. When the parallel arc occurs, the live and neutral wires are not in direct contact, only because the insulation aging loses the insulation properties or the insulation is damaged, but the distance between the live wire and the neutral wire is very close, and the current breaks between the live wire and the neutral wire. Air, discharge and spark between the live and neutral lines. The occurrence of series arcing is mainly due to poor contact or wire breakage, which occurs in a phase line where the air is broken down at a break or poor contact of a phase line to cause a discharge spark. When the above fault arc occurs, the current change in the line is small, and the circuit breaker and the arc-extinguishing short-circuit protector cannot be detected. Currently, it can only be detected by the fault arc detector. The technology of the fault arc detecting device Zui advanced and Zui core is that it can effectively distinguish the arc (the arc generated during the normal operation of the electric appliance) and the fault arc, so as not to malfunction or resist the action. After expert analysis, this non-contact fault arc (electric spark) is the main cause of the high incidence of electrical fires today.
Arc-extinguishing short-circuit protector, arc-extinguishing is the attributive, short-circuit protector is the subject, which is essentially a protection against metallic short circuits. Speaking of someone here, will it be different from the circuit breaker? There is a difference. The circuit breaker mainly protects against metallic short circuits, overloads and leakages, while the arc extinguishing short circuit protector only protects against a metal short circuit (although it claims to protect the overload, it does not protect the overload itself, only overload To a certain extent, the heat of the line melts and causes the hot wire and the neutral wire to stick together to cause a metallic short circuit, so the metal short circuit is protected. However, the arc-extinguishing short-circuit protector has a different protection function from the circuit breaker in the case of a metallic short circuit. When the circuit breaker is short-circuited by metal, it will immediately trip and cut off the power supply, but it will also be accompanied by short-circuit electric spark. According to expert analysis, the probability of fire due to metallic short-circuit is relatively low, because in the general environment, when the short circuit occurs. Today, qualified circuit breakers on the market can quickly trip, but if the surrounding environment is excellent, if there is flammable or flammable or explosive gas around the short circuit, it may cause fire.
The difference between the arc-extinguishing short-circuit protector is that when a metallic short circuit occurs, it cuts off the power supply much faster than the circuit breaker, and even cuts off the power before the large short-circuit spark is generated. This is also the arc extinguishing type III. The source of the word. Therefore, the so-called arc extinguishing is only an electric spark that occurs when the metal short circuit is "off". It is functionally repeated with the air switch/circuit breaker, but the action is faster than the air switch/breaker, and the electric short circuit is earlier than the large short circuit. Turn off the power before the spark is generated. The fault arc detected by the fault arc detector is completely different.
However, according to the requirements of Zui new GB50016-2015 <Building Design Fire Protection Code>: Electrical fire detector can only be used for electrical fire warning, and can not interfere with main circuit power supply. In other words, only the alarm can not cut off the power. Therefore, the arc-extinguishing short-circuit protector is only suitable for special high-risk places, and should not be widely used in electrical fire monitoring places.

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