Gaoyou held the transformation of coal-fired grain drying oven and the whole process of mechanization consolidation and promotion

On April 15th, Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province held the transformation of coal-fired grain drying ovens and the whole process of mechanization consolidation and promotion. Jiang Jianping, deputy director of the Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau, and the heads of agricultural machinery of the township agricultural service centers attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the townships and towns exchanged speeches on the status quo of the transformation of coal-fired grain drying ovens and the promotion of existing agricultural machinery and equipment. Some townships and towns indicated that they will continue to provide policy support for the mechanization of the whole process.

After listening to the exchanges between the parties, Jiang Jianping put forward three points: First, the requirements for the transformation of coal-fired grain drying furnaces are unchanged, the supporting policies are unchanged, the inspection and acceptance are unchanged, so that no shortages, no shortages, and accurate completion of coal-fired foods are achieved. Drying furnace renovation work. Second, the whole process of mechanization should be strengthened and upgraded to focus on improving quality and efficiency. Focusing on the requirements of “four unreduced” and high-quality development, we will systematically establish demonstration sites for wheat machine and side-deep fertilization, actively promote high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly agricultural machinery and equipment, improve the quality of agricultural machinery operations, and increase efficiency. The third is to actively cooperate with the bureau to do a good job in assessment and acceptance. All towns and towns and parks should cooperate with the Municipal Bureau to do a good job in the whole process of mechanization of grain production to promote the examination and acceptance of the demonstration city, to ensure that the materials are complete and complete, corresponding to the upper and lower, consistent, high quality through the provincial and municipal acceptance.

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