Applying soil EC meter to create the necessary conditions for high quality and high yield of crops

Crop growth has certain requirements for the soil environment in which it is located. If one of the indicators exceeds its tolerance, it will become a hindrance to its healthy growth, which in turn will affect production yield and quality. Therefore, from the perspective of the development of high-quality agriculture and high-efficiency agriculture, it is very necessary to guide crop production by detecting soil. The soil EC meter is mainly used to measure the soil salinity and EC value. The instrument can help the agricultural growers to better find the soil problem and scientifically solve the soil problem, and create the necessary conditions for the high quality and high yield of the crop.

The problem of soil is a problem that farmers are particularly concerned about because it relates to the short-term interests and long-term interests of the people. The problem of salinization in cultivated soil is closely related to the unscientific application of fertilizer, and the end result is that the more fertilizer is used, the less and the less is produced, and the various incurable diseases are endless. To solve the problems caused by soil salinization, it is also necessary to start with the soil, find out the crux, and propose a rationalized solution. Before planting, during planting, and after planting, we can use soil EC to carry out soil testing, soil problem diagnosis, soil improvement, data collection and summarization, and accumulate successful experience for successful planting management. .

Modern agricultural cultivation must not be carried out blindly for planting, planting and harvesting, but requires the ability to carry out production operations according to local conditions and customized. The application of scientific instruments such as soil EC meter is used for agricultural research and finding the close relationship between crop growth and growth environment. On the other hand, it is necessary to carry out scientific analysis on different planting soils and crops, and to develop scientific planting. In order to ensure the effect of planting, with the investment of smaller resources, on the basis of effectively protecting the agro-ecology, achieve remarkable production effects such as high-quality and high-yield, cost-effective and efficiency-enhancing.

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