Five points to buy a life jacket

How to choose a life jacket
1 look at the fabric
There are two kinds of life jacket fabrics. One is: special nylon material, which is relatively inexpensive and widely used, but not durable. The other is: NEOPRENE neoprene (diving material), which is more expensive. It feels soft and comfortable, and it is resistant to friction. As long as the higher life jacket is used, this fabric will be used.
2 see accessories
There are two kinds of life jacket accessories commonly used. One is the survival whistle. This kind of life jacket is basically standard. The other is the reflector. If it is working at sea and the visibility is low, we strongly recommend it as standard. If it is a general leisure and entertainment, it is generally not worthy. The life jacket of the fishing boat also adds many functions, such as pockets, fish pliers bags, strand bags and so on. But some are necessary for life jackets, no matter how the style changes, these are indispensable, this is the life-saving pocket and the belt (from the back of the life jacket through the strap that is connected to the front piece).
3 see buoyancy
The buoyancy of the life jacket shall meet the specified standards (the buoyancy shall not be less than 0.75 kg for 24 hours of continuous soaking in seawater. The buoyancy of the front and back panels of the life jacket shall have the correct proportion. (Generally, the buoyancy of the front piece must be greater than the back piece, if the life jacket is Buoyancy is considered as 1. The buoyancy of the front piece should be greater than 0.58. There are two types of life jacket linings (buoyants), one is: polyethylene foam, which is relatively inexpensive, has sufficient buoyancy, and is widely used. However, the buoyancy will change by about 5% with the buoyancy time in the water. The other is: EPE pearl cotton with ultra-light and super buoyancy, the price of this lining is obviously more expensive than foam, and its advantages are obvious. The buoyancy is strong, the life jackets are easy to fold and easy to dry, and more importantly, the buoyancy is soaked in the water for a long time, and the buoyancy is reduced less.
4 Look at the reinforcement situation
There are two methods for life jacket reinforcement. The first type: the rope system, this life jacket is generally a low-profile life jacket. This is used in early life jacket designs. The second is zipper + buckle, this life jacket is the most widely used one.
5 see color
In order to easily find the drowning person in the sea, the color of the fabric of the life jacket is generally brighter, and the reflector is placed on both shoulders of the life jacket.
The above is the answer to how to buy a life jacket. I hope that everyone can understand it in detail and apply it to real life better. At the same time, I hope everyone can pay attention to personal safety and not to get into the water.

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