Special equipment for gold beneficiation

1.JH series of gold- carbon constant pressure desorption complete equipment JH series of gold-carbon constant pressure desorption complete set of equipment was developed by Changchun Gold Institute Golden Ring Company in 1992, now has 4 patented technologies, products It is sold in 18 provinces in China with less single equipment, compact structure, small floor space, easy installation, refined technology, easy operation, fast desorption rate, high desorption rate, wide application range, low operating cost and low equipment price. More than 30 gold mines are exported to foreign countries. The actual production application in the mine for many years proves that the equipment is a kind of gold-loaded carbon desorption equipment with advanced technology and stable operation, which is especially suitable for the gold mines in China.
Compared with domestic similar products, this product has the following advantages: 1 Wide application range: Both high-grade and low-grade gold-loaded carbon can be completely desorbed. The lean carbon grade is generally not more than l00g / t, usually above 50g / t; 2 advanced heating method: the use of a specific long-life heating tube to form a unique design of the heater, greatly improving the electricity utilization rate, can meet different work The heating requirement under the condition; 3 The desorption column adopts the patented technology of side carbon extraction, can be installed in a single-storey factory building, and the carbon removal is dry carbon, which does not use hydraulic carbon, saves time and labor, and requires low requirements for the plant; The new structure of anode and cathode patent technology, improve understanding of the rate of adsorption and reduce the cost of understanding; 5 electrolyzers using special structures and new materials, to achieve the same temperature of the same temperature electrolysis without the need for other similar equipment , greatly improving the equipment operating environment and reducing operating costs; 6 using advanced temperature control technology, simplifying operation, making equipment operation more stable, extending equipment life and improving operational indicators; 7 using special structures and materials Combined with advanced technological processes, it completely eliminates the phenomenon of equipment accumulation that often occurs in other similar equipment, ensuring the balance of metal amount in the desorption process.
The technical parameters of the complete set of equipment are shown in Table 1.
2. High-temperature and high-pressure cyanide-free desorption electrolysis device The high-temperature and high-pressure cyanide-free desorption electrolysis device produced by Beijing Jinchangcheng Machinery Manufacturing Plant (hereinafter referred to as Jinchangcheng Machinery) adopts new technology and new technology and is applied to the processing of gold-loaded carbon in gold production. A new, efficient and energy-saving patented product. The device can not only desorb the ordinary gold-loaded carbon well, but also proves that the gold-loaded carbon produced by the carbon slurry process directly on the flotation gold fine powder, the gold-loaded carbon containing high silver and high copper , and the harmful impurities The desorption of gold-loaded charcoal with high ions and high-grade gold-loaded charcoal (20~60kg gold/t gold-loaded charcoal) can achieve ideal desorption effect. The desorption electrolysis process has advanced technology, reasonable design and good technical indexes. The device has high automation degree, good equipment quality, simple and easy operation, and the equipment is particularly stable, reliable and safe. It is an ideal desorption electrolysis equipment for processing gold-loaded charcoal.
Features: 1 low production costs. The direct production cost per ton of gold-loaded carbon is 290-690 yuan, which can reduce the production cost by 65%~90% compared with other desorption electrolysis equipment; 2 the production capacity is large. Daily treatment of 0.3~10t loaded gold charcoal; 3 no cyanide desorption. Invented a new safe and non-toxic combination desorbing agent, which can achieve ideal desorption effect for any gold charcoal which is difficult to desorb, and belongs to green environmental protection process. Moreover, the desorbent of the process can be recycled for dozens of times, saving the medicament and water, and only using NaOH alone as the desorption agent, the desorption effect of the gold-loaded charcoal in most mines is not ideal; 4 the desorption rate is high. Desorption at high temperature (150 ° C), high pressure (0.45 ~ 0.55 MPa), without cyanide desorption agent, desorption rate is high (98% ~ 99.8%). More than 93% of the users of this plant have a lean carbon grade below 50g/t; 5 vertical pressure balanced electrolytic cells. The vertical pressure-balanced electrolytic cell invented by the plant not only has an electrolysis rate of up to 99.99%, but also has a simple and practical desorption electrolysis process, and has good desorption and electrolysis effects. The electrolyzer is only opened 1~3 times a month, and the bolts are removed by pneumatic plate, which is convenient, safe and reliable; and the vertical electrolyzer does not leak gold-containing gas. The vertical pressure-balanced electrolysis cell has an automatic discharge gold mud system to prevent the loss of gold mud caused by the incoming operation; 6 to increase the adsorption rate. Adding to the adsorption process, the degraded and activated low-grade carbon can significantly reduce the tail liquid grade, and can increase the adsorption rate by 0.5% to 6%; 7 lean carbon does not require pyrothermal regeneration. The non-toxic combination desorbing agent contains a carbon activator which regenerates the charcoal. By adopting this desorption electrolysis process, the charcoal is not required to be thermally regenerated, and the carbon loss and gold loss caused by the thermal regeneration of the charcoal fire method are eliminated, and the carbon regeneration heat regeneration cost and the charcoal thermal regeneration equipment investment are saved; 8 equipment returns are high . The plant's equipment has a high rate of return and significant economic benefits. In the 32 sets of equipment used to replace the original desorption equipment, compared with the original desorption equipment, 27 sets of equipment recovered the equipment investment within one year, and 5 sets of mines with low gold output recovered within 1.3~2 years. Equipment investment; and there are 2 mines that recover equipment investment within one month after application, and 5 mines that recover equipment investment within 3 months; more than 9 large-scale desorption electrolysis devices (≥2000kg/batch) are obtained in production A successful application with good results; 10 automatic non-destructive transport of charcoal. The special non-destructive automatic method is used to transport charcoal, which does not produce powder charcoal during char transportation, and does not cause carbon loss and gold loss; (11) low carbon grade and low carbon loss, which can significantly reduce the gold loss caused by charcoal and charcoal; Can reduce the amount of gold backlog in the beneficiation production process; (12) safety. Five kinds of safety protection facilities have been adopted to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment; (13) high degree of automation, low labor intensity of workers; work in a cyanide-free environment, and a good working environment.
The set includes: 1 stainless steel desorption column; 2 pressure balanced electrolytic cell; 3 special electric heater, 2 sets; 4 stainless steel high temperature desorption liquid pump; 5 Hong Kong air compressor; 6 stainless steel filter; 7 cooler; 8 carbon storage device; 9 stainless steel pickling tank; 10 desorption liquid storage tank; (11) switchboard; (12) silicon rectifier; (13) stainless steel level gauge; (14) ammeter; (15) voltmeter; ) Japanese original temperature display instrument; (17) automatic pressure balance regulator; (18) pneumatic wrench; (19) platinum resistance thermometer; (20) special stainless steel flow indicator; (21) Sino-US joint venture production of stainless steel High temperature resistant pressure gauge; (22) stainless steel high temperature resistant valve; (23) 3 stainless steel safety valves; (24) stainless steel pipe; (25) stainless steel elbow; (26) thermometer; (27) stainless steel flange (28) insulation materials; (29) cables and the like.
The main technical parameters of the device are shown in Table 2, and the principle flow is shown in Figure 1.
3. JC type atmospheric ballast gold analysis-electrolytic device JC type atmospheric ballast gold analysis electrolysis device produced by Jilin prospecting is the key equipment for gold and silver in situ recovery in gold mine cyanidation and carbon slurry gold extraction process . It analyzes the gold adsorbed in the carbon into the solution, and then electrolyzes the solution and deposits gold. The equipment has the characteristics of reliable operation, low cost, high efficiency and remarkable gold extraction benefit. The main technical parameters of the analytical column are shown in Table 3, and the process flow is shown in Figure 2.
4. WJC400-900 dual-purpose high-temperature (same temperature) pressure analysis and electrolysis device Jilin mining production WJC400-900 dual-purpose high-temperature (same temperature) pressure analysis of an electrolysis device and the original room temperature, pressure analysis and electrolysis The biggest difference is that the electrolytic cell adopts a closed structure, that is, the heater adopts a horizontal electric heating tube structure. The device has the characteristics of high resolution, fast resolution, low energy consumption and low cost.
The device is a key device for gold extraction by carbon adsorption in the gold production process, and the gold adsorbed in the carbon is resolved into a solution, and then the solution is electrolytically deposited to extract gold. Due to the use of a continuous closed structure in the electrolysis process, the energy consumption is low. The horizontal heater structure has no leakage phenomenon, the electric heating tube is easy to replace, and the operation cost of the whole device is low.
The process flow is shown in Figure 3, and the technical parameters are shown in Table 4.
5. JCJ series alcohol distillation analysis-electrolytic device JCJ series alcohol distillation analysis-electrolytic device for Jilin prospecting production adopts a new analytical process which is completely different from the current analytical process. The process was successfully developed by Chengdu University of Technology, and cooperated with the plant to produce complete sets of equipment. It has been promoted and applied in Gansu, Guangxi, Sichuan and other places, and achieved good social and economic benefits.
The device is a key device for gold extraction by carbon adsorption in the gold production process, and the gold adsorbed on the carbon is resolved into a solution, and then the solution is electrolyzed and precipitated.
The main features of the device are: 1 The gold-containing precious liquid obtained after the analysis is small in volume and high in concentration. The volume of the precious liquid is only about 1.2 to 1.5 times the volume of the carbon bed. The concentration of the precious liquid depends on the grade of the gold charcoal. The gold content of the precious liquid is generally up to several thousand milligrams per liter to tens of thousands of milligrams, which is 10 to 12 times that of the current process; The decarburized carbon obtained after the analysis can be reintroduced into adsorption without regeneration treatment. After repeated use in multiple cycles, the activity of the activated carbon is not reduced or reduced very little, and the cost and time required for the regeneration equipment used in the current process and the regeneration treatment process can be omitted; 3 the process has the characteristics of extremely low energy consumption, The production cost of the same resolution rate is significantly lower than the current process, and the resolution rate is higher than the current process in the same analysis time; 4 equipment investment cost is lower than the current process equipment fee, the equipment structure is reasonable and compact, and the floor space is small; 5 The whole process is produced under normal pressure conditions in a fully sealed system, the working environment is clean and comfortable, safe and reliable, and the alcohol recovery rate is high.
Working principle and process: The sieved gold-loaded carbon is put into the analytical vessel for pre-treatment, and then subjected to the analytical action of repeated distillation of alcohol, finally obtaining a high-concentration and small-volume gold-containing noble liquid, and at the same time, it is not required Recycled activated carbon can be reused. All the alcohol is recycled through the recycling system. The whole process is carried out in a sealed equipment system. The production process is safe and reliable, and the operation is extremely convenient and easy to master. Steam heating is used.
The main technical parameters are shown in Table 5, and the process flow is shown in Figure 4.
6. JCK450-500 mobile analytical-electrolytic device JCK450-500 mobile analytical electrolysis unit for Jilin prospecting production is suitable for small-scale mobile carbon pulp plant or heap leaching plant for gold extraction in situ, which can be adsorbed on gold-loaded charcoal. The gold in the solution is resolved into the solution, and then gold is electrolytically deposited on the solution. The equipment has the characteristics of good mobility, simple operation, complete support and low cost. See Figure 5 for a schematic diagram of the mobile analytical electrolysis process and Table 6 for the technical parameters of the analytical column.
7. JCX500×1400 carbon fiber adsorption analysis-electrolytic device This new continuous gold extraction device developed and produced by Jilin Exploration is suitable for in-situ gold extraction in the heap leaching process. It is a new type of closed-circuit circulating gold extraction device which uses carbon fiber as a high-efficiency gold-absorbing material as an adsorption material and integrates adsorption and analysis. The design and process of this device are closely integrated with the actual situation of the mine, giving full play to the advantages of carbon fiber adsorption, good analytical performance and fast speed, which makes the gold recovery rate high, fast recovery, large daily processing volume, low investment, labor saving and labor saving. The recycling cost is low. The device itself is characterized by miniaturization, continuous and suitable for flow gold extraction. This device has three adsorption analysis columns (adsorption and resolution are done in the same column). The precious liquid produced by the heap leaching is filtered and then introduced into the column for adsorption. When the gold is saturated, the adsorption is stopped, and the analytical solution is sent for analysis, and the analyzed noble liquid is electrolyzed into the electrolytic cell. The adsorption analysis column is adsorbed and analyzed alternately under the control of the valve. Since the surface area of ​​the carbon fiber is larger than that of the activated carbon, the time required for adsorption is greatly shortened; in the process of analysis, high temperature and high pressure can be added to the ethanol, the resolution is greatly improved, the resolution time is shortened, and the loading and unloading of charcoal is reduced. Labor and charcoal transportation. So it is a new type of gold extraction device.
The main equipment is: 1 adsorption analysis column; 2 filter; 3 heater; 4 heat exchanger; 5 ethanol recovery; 6 electrolytic tank; 7 analytical liquid storage tank; 8 cooler; 9 electric control cabinet; In addition, it is equipped with various thermometers, pressure gauges, flow meters and valves of various specifications.
    Table 1   Table 2   table 3   Table 4   table 5   Table 6
    figure 1   figure 2   image 3   Figure 4   Figure 5

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