The official launch of the "315 Quality China Line" campaign and the Kelansu Special Service Station project of the company in Nanjing

February 25, 2017, KLS "China Quality 315" activities cum KLS special service stations kick-off meeting was held as scheduled in Lung Poon R & D center. Qin Jian, General Manager of Jiangsu Kelansu Automobile Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., and Jiao Jun, the person in charge of the way to help the car, and more than 20 full-loaded customer representatives from the East China region, jointly organized the “315 Quality China Tour” special event and Kelan. The Sutya Service Station project was unveiled.
The launch of the special service station project The launch of the special service station project
Way to help car owners Jiao Jun Way to help car owners Jiao Jun
The general manager of Kossoon, the person in charge of the way to help the car, and the dealer of Wuxi Powyt Co., Ltd. jointly light up the start ball

The general manager of Kossoon, the person in charge of the way to help the car, and the dealer of Wuxi Powyt Co., Ltd. jointly light up the start ball

"315 Quality China" special event

With the rapid development of the automotive urea solution industry, the products of vanillin have become the focus of counterfeiting on a few non-standard manufacturers. From imitating the packaging patterns and explanatory texts of the products of Kosher to the use of trademark names similar to those of Kosher, such actions not only damage the brand equity of Kosher, but also cause great problems to the daily maintenance of consumers. . In order to purify the market environment, so that the majority of drivers can use the reassuring products of the Koran, the Sino-Russian Union shipped full, in particular to carry out "315 Quality China" special activities. With the support of transported platforms, Kosher will work together with 10 million truck drivers to defend the quality of the vehicles and safeguard the healthy development of the urea industry.

"315 Quality China Line" "315 Quality China Line"

During the launch of the event, the user can log on to the platform and enter the special page to post relays, report counterfeit information and other means for the event relay, and have access to a wealth of event prizes. In addition, the event also set up promotions and spikes. Participants can purchase products such as the Stress Preservation Package at a very low price.

Kelansu Special Service Station Project

In order to make the realization of the needs of the vast majority of drivers easier, since November 2016, Kosovo has formally entered into a strategic cooperation relationship with the full shipment e-commerce platform.

The full-scale project of KOSCO - to build a commercial vehicle aftermarket O2O service platform as the core. The dealers signed a contract to become authorized service shops for the trucks and provide offline drivers service for truck drivers nationwide. After just four months, Kosher has successfully developed nearly 1,000 stores covering 8 provinces (municipalities) and 55 prefecture-level cities in East China.

Kelansu Special Service Station Kelansu Special Service Station

As an upgrade mode for the authorized service shops of Kossuth, the special service stations of Kosovo will provide basic service programs such as urea replacement and vehicle maintenance. It will also establish a diversified service system for truck drivers to increase end-user stickiness and win consumers. Word of mouth.

As a leader in the environmental protection field of commercial vehicle aftermarket, Kosher will continue to respond to market demands with an open and innovative attitude, adhere to the user-centered approach, and continue to provide quality products and efficient services.

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