S&A industrial chiller is fit for 600W-2000W cooling system

A customer is interested in S&A industrial chiller "CW-3000", "CW-5000" and "CW-5200" to cool a System with a cooling pipeline (diameter 4mm or 6mm). The heating power is 600 W or until 2000 W. The ambient temperature is from 5 °C until +30°C. The target water temperatur is not specifically defined (perhaps 10°C or 20°C) .

-->Water pressure: 2 - 3 bar
-->flow rate: 5 - 10 litre/ minute
According to the pump performance curves, If the target water temp. is 20°C, for the heating power over 1200W, the right chiller should be CW-6000AIS. So the chiller model CW-5000AI, CW-5200AIS and CW-6000AIS are fit for you.
A means 220V 50Hz;
I means 100W water pump with max. 2.4bar pressure and max. 16L/min flow rate;
S means ozone-friendly gas R-410a.
CW-5000AI technical parameter: http://Products/ChillerCW5000800Wcoo.html
CW-5200AIS technical parameter: http://Products/ChillerCW52001400Wco.html
CW-6000AIS technical parameter: http://Products/ChillerCW60003000Wco.html
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