The role of soil drought monitoring system in drought resistance in agriculture and animal husbandry

Drought management in agriculture and animal husbandry is very important. In order to be able to quickly grasp the drought dynamics of the land and reduce the losses caused by drought, the establishment of a wide range of cover systems is an important task at present. The soil drought monitoring system can achieve soil moisture (soil moisture). Continuous monitoring for a long time. The user can flexibly arrange the soil moisture sensor according to the monitoring needs; the sensor can also be placed at different depths to measure the soil moisture profile. The system also provides additional expansion capabilities. It can add sensors to monitor soil temperature, soil conductivity, soil pH, groundwater level, groundwater quality, and air temperature, air humidity, light intensity, wind speed, direction, rainfall, and other information. To meet the needs of system function upgrades. Soil drought monitoring system can fully, scientifically and truly reflect the soil changes in the monitored area. It can timely and accurately provide soil moisture conditions at all monitoring sites, providing important basic information for disaster reduction and drought relief.

Soil Drought Monitoring System This system consists of four parts: monitoring center, communication network, remote monitoring equipment and soil moisture detection equipment. Monitoring Center: The hardware is mainly composed of servers, computers, switches, printers, and so on. The software mainly consists of operating system software, database software, and soil moisture monitoring system software. Communication platform: including China Mobile GPRS network and INTERNET public network. The system plans to use public network dedicated networking. The monitoring center must have a fixed IP address on the external network. Remote monitoring equipment: The remote monitoring equipment can be divided into mains-powered soil moisture monitoring terminals, solar-powered soil moisture monitoring terminals and battery-powered soil moisture monitoring terminals according to the type of power supply. For the characteristics of soil moisture monitoring points scattered and difficult to wiring, it is recommended to use solar powered soil moisture monitoring terminal. Soil moisture detection equipment: According to monitoring requirements, one-spot soil moisture sensor can be used to achieve single point moisture detection; multiple soil moisture sensors can also be used, and the sensors are arranged at different depths to achieve soil profile monitoring of the monitoring point profile.

The soil drought monitoring system can provide continuous monitoring throughout the day. The on-site remote monitoring equipment automatically collects real-time soil moisture data, and uses the GPRS wireless network to realize remote transmission of data; the monitoring center automatically receives and automatically stores the monitoring data of each monitoring point in the database.

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