· Imported car prices drop by 20% or become a reality

The boots of the parallel imported car pilots finally landed. Yesterday, the official website of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce issued a notice announcing that it will launch a parallel import vehicle pilot in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. This means opening up a new channel for the import of imported cars outside the country.
According to industry insiders, due to the reduction of agents, foreign cars sold through parallel import pilots are expected to be about 20% lower than the prices of traditional 4S stores, which will have a direct impact on the nationwide import automobile sales market.
Opening up the new sales path for imported cars The so-called parallel import means that, besides authorized dealers, other importers directly import from the origin of the products, and their import channels are “parallel” with the domestic authorized distribution channels. Products imported through this method are cheaper due to the elimination of intermediate links.
The reporter learned that the current regulations on automobile brand sales are based on the “Implementation Measures for Automobile Brand Sales Management” implemented on April 1, 2005. In this method, it is clearly stipulated that domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers sell their own cars in China. A perfect automobile brand sales and service system should be established. In short, it is impossible to sell cars in China if there is no corresponding after-sales. Affected by this, most imported cars cannot be sold freely in China, but rely on authorized dealers that meet the corresponding standards.
The parallel import vehicle pilot project opened another way to ease the conditions for enterprises to apply for parallel import vehicle pilot business. As long as it has been engaged in automobile sales for more than 5 years and has continuous profitability in the past three years, the automobile sales in the previous financial year exceeded RMB 400 million, and it has maintenance, service, parts supply outlets and facilities that are compatible with the scale of operations. Reputable, with procurement channel and automobile sales service industry experience, and registered in the Pilot Free Trade Zone with a wholly-owned subsidiary or holding company with automobile distribution qualification, can apply as a parallel import vehicle pilot dealer.
It is particularly noteworthy that in the after-sales service, enterprises that cannot meet the requirements of this article can provide corresponding services based on the third-party public service platform in the Pilot Free Trade Zone, and can participate in the pilot after meeting the requirements. The Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone will promote the construction of platforms for parallel import-related automotive-related public services. This platform will integrate relevant functions of government functions and effectively gather social services such as vehicle maintenance, services and parts supply.
This means that the corresponding restrictions in the "Automobile Brand Sales Management Implementation Measures" will be greatly relaxed. After the pilot project of parallel import of automobiles, the corresponding enterprises can ensure that the parallel imported cars enjoy the after-sales treatment of the imported vehicles of the 4S shop through various methods. Regardless of the establishment of the integrated service center, the parallel imported cars sold exclusively for the free trade zone will be provided with the license and purchase insurance. Services such as paying taxes, repairs, or using existing platform resources to enable third-party 4S stores and social vehicle repair shops to provide services can meet the requirements of the Measures.
After-sales problems are most concerned about the after-sales service enjoyed by parallel imported cars. Is it worse than the cars purchased from dealers?
“The characteristics of parallel imported cars are cheap, but the after-sales service is not perfect.” Yan Jinghui, deputy general manager of Asian Games Village Auto Trading Market, told reporters that the sales of parallel imported cars that have been in the gray area in the past two years have declined. The main reason is that their business model is not specification. According to the previous regulations, parallel imported cars do not enjoy the "three guarantees" (including repair, replacement, return) policy. At present, traders import such vehicles into China from overseas channels, and the follow-up “three guarantees” will be handled by insurance companies. That is to say, if the car has problems during the warranty period, the insurance company will save money. In the maintenance process, most of them must be handed over to downstream dealers for settlement.
Due to the lack of perfect after-sales service for parallel imported cars, the AQSIQ has suggested that a unified after-sales service can be created for parallel imported cars by introducing insurance companies. Consumer concerns.
In this regard, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce said that the Shanghai Free Trade Zone will set up a free trade zone import auto trading center on the basis of the Waigaoqiao auto trading market, and provide a series of platforms and services to uniformly handle after-sales service guarantee and consumption. The protection of rights and interests, the supply of parts and components, and the management of integrated services have resulted in the sale of parallel imported cars.
Yan Jinghui said that domestic insurance companies and large-scale automobile dealers have already cooperated with the water to provide after-sales service for parallel imported cars. In September 2014, PICC and the Asian Games Village Auto Market signed the “Strategic Cooperation Agreement for Promoting Auto Insurance for Three Guarantees”, and on this basis, the “Asian Special Imported Car Sales Zone” was established. The three-package insurance for automobile insurance signed by PICC and the Asian city is a new type of insurance designed for the lack of parallel imported cars in after-sales service and three-pack service.
However, some insiders have raised doubts that parallel imported cars are mostly luxury cars. This part of the vehicle manufacturers has high requirements for technical secrecy. It is not difficult to open the warranty maintenance work involving core technologies to third-party enterprises.
Promoting the process of trade facilitation accelerates the “parallel import vehicle policy pilot indicates that China will accelerate the promotion of trade facilitation.” Tu Xinquan, vice president of the China WTO Research Institute of the University of International Business and Economics, told reporters that although the notice did not involve tariffs and other aspects, But it reflects the government's determination to clean up trade barriers.
He said that before the relevant regulations, parallel imported cars have been developing slowly, and under the agency system, the imported automobile market has always exhibited the monopoly characteristics of “high price” and “low service”, although many agencies have received national The punishment of the anti-monopoly department, but the situation has not changed significantly. The pilot of the parallel import vehicle policy means that the competition in the imported automobile market will be more open, and the monopoly situation will be alleviated to some extent.
Tu Xinquan also pointed out that the parallel import of automobiles from finance, investment to trade also means that the Shanghai Free Trade Zone has begun to play a pilot role in more fields.

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