Measurement of Protected Forest Area in Three-North Area by Field Acre Measuring Instrument

The western part of northeastern China, northern North China, and most of northwestern China (referred to as the “Three North” region) have used research instrumentation to obtain information on the number of forest belts in the mesoscale region. This has become the focus of research. Based on the ground survey data of the farmland acre measurement instrument, the regression relationship between high-resolution imagery and mid-resolution imagery monitoring in farmland shelterbelts was established and the area of ​​farmland shelterbelts in the Sanbei area was accurately estimated.

Ideally, the whole area utilizes TM images in the unified period. However, the area in the Sanbei area is relatively large, and the extraction of farmland shelter forest information requires that the remote sensing images be of a higher phase. Therefore, the images adopt the neighboring years in the year. The area of ​​forest belt farmland in Mengxin District and Loess Plateau measured by the farmland acre measurement instrument; the length of forest belt in Mengxin District and the Loess Plateau was estimated based on the result of the area of ​​the forest farmland and the regression equation.

Due to the limitation of the resolution of remote sensing images, only the forest belt length can be extracted. In order to obtain the area of ​​farmland shelterbelts in each area, the average width of forest belts in each area has become the key to calculating the area of ​​farmland shelterbelts. The measurement of acreage in farmland is determined by the typical area survey method and related research results, and the area of ​​shelter forest in the Sanbei area is determined based on the information on the length of the forest belt monitored by remote sensing.

The method of visual interpretation of farmland shelterbelt extraction experts is used. Although this method is considered to be more accurate and the accuracy of on-site surveys is over 95%, there is still a certain gap between the real value and the accuracy of the farmland acremeter. Secondly, in the process of calibration, estimation, and calculation, due to the lack of high-resolution remote sensing images and ground surveys, it is difficult to accurately use farmland acremeters to obtain information on farmland shelter forests in the three northern regions.

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