Traditional access control system or will be replaced by ACaaS access control hosting

In the access control industry, access control can be said to be a burden. Because of this, a kind of custody service is emerging in the industry to solve this problem. Compared with traditional management systems, in order to maximize the user experience, suppliers and system integrators are introducing ACAaS services in combination with new technologies, integration, open standards, and access control solutions to meet new market demands.

HIS predicts that in 2013, approximately 3% of the total number of installed electronic locks in the Americas and newly installed managed access control readers. There are 80,000 ACaaS service statistics in the region, and HIS is expected to grow to 1.8 million in the Americas in 2018.

Here are a few key trends and suggestions on how to use this growth market:

1. Many times there are various capital expenditures (capex) and operating expenses (opex) to illustrate the needs of end-users, but both must tend to balance. For example, the combination of 100 doors and 400 cards will make the system unable to achieve 100% operating costs, and system integrators and installation procedures will have to require some upfront revenue;

2. Operational costs Opex must be able to create sticky returns and sign long-term contracts with customers;

3. Web-based extension will greatly affect the use of ACaaS;

4. With the promotion of large-scale systems using ACaaS hybrid products, such as on-site management, testing, etc., the market will usher in new development;

5. Access control custodial services will account for a large market share of revenue because of the extra charge for services. However, many people will want to complete the outsourcing service with the retention system management and paying a small monthly fee.

6. The competition in the ACaaS market is still mature. Although it feels fragmented, it is the best way to expand end users and potential channel partners.

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