NVC's continuous LED industry pattern will face major changes

The remnants of NVC’s infighting for many days have come to an end, but the impact of this incident has spread to the entire industry. Some lighting companies broke the news to reporters. At the same time as NVC's internal fighting, LED companies have already digged the NVC dealers, and the already fierce industry channel war has further intensified. Industry experts said that NVC infighting makes the industry's lighting to benefit the fishermen, the industry pattern is reborn, and the LED industry may face a reshuffle. Last Friday, at a general meeting of shareholders held in Hong Kong, NVC Lighting passed a resolution to remove Wu Changjiang's directorship and his position in any of the company's board committees. This indicates that Wu Changjiang, the founder of NVC Lighting, was completely cleaned from NVC lighting. In addition, while NVC is in a state of trouble, competitors secretly take advantage of the opportunity to expand their strength. The industry generally believes that last year and this year is the channel construction year for the LED industry. Many lighting companies regard the preemption channel as a top priority. NVC's infighting gives competitors an opportunity to speed up the layout. It is reported that many of the same industry lighting companies have begun to dig corners of NVC's dealer team. The reporter was informed that Qinshang Optoelectronics (002638, shares it) publicly recruited NVC's dealer team and opened very attractive conditions. According to industry insiders, the entire lighting industry has come to a critical period of transition from traditional lighting to LED lighting. The unstable state of NVC in the past two years has given the competitors a chance to catch up, and the LED industry may face a reshuffle. If NVC can't adjust quickly, it even faces the risk of falling behind.

LG Sigma Elevator Spare Parts, LG Elevator Spare Parts, Sigma Elevator Spare Parts

Sigma Elevator Company is a subsidiary of Otis Elevator Korea (OEK) in South Korea for all overseas/export markets. It was founded in 2000.

Starting in 1968, "Goldstar" elevators, and later on, "LG" elevators, were counted among the world's top elevator brands. With the beginning of this new millennium, that legacy lives on through the birth of "SIGMA" elevators.

SIGMA Elevator Company will continue on with its mission of supplying elevators and escalators to more than 50 nations worldwide through its global network of 11 sales companies, 2 offices, and 52 agents or distributors.

SIGMA Elevator Company is dedicated to providing its customers with the best quality products and services. SIGMA elevators feature unmatched safety, ride comfort, and modern design. SIGMA escalators and moving walkways are held to similar safety and comfort standards and are integral parts of our modern urban aesthetics.

Changwon factory, Korea, the main factory of SIGMA Elevator, has long been a well-established name in the global elevator industry. SIGMA`s Dalian factory in China produces elevators & escalators to meet the demands of the local and worldwide markets as well.

SIGMA Elevator Company is committed to increasing customer value through a sharp focus on product innovation and customer satisfaction. With technology developed over the past 30 years, an enduring innovative spirit, and enthusiastic attitude towards providing customer value, Sigma Elevator Company stands by its product and service lines with confidence.


Sigma currently has businesses in more than 75 countries worldwide, and subsidiaries in five countries; Hong Kong (China), Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

In the United States, Sigma elevators were distributed by CemcoLift, which was a historic elevator company bought by Otis and based in Hatfield, PA. However, in 2012 CemcoLift has gone bankrupt and replaced by a new company called Minnesota Elevator Solutions.

It's headquarter, factory and testing tower are located in Changwon, South Korea, which are also operated by Otis Elevator Korea. It also has a secondary factory in Dalian, China, opened in 1998 to meet demands on Chinese elevator market.

In 2014, Sigma had a partnership with EXPRESS Elevator Co., Ltd., an elevator company based in Suzhou, China as well as a subsidiary of Otis. In 2016, Express/Sigma opened their headquarters in Suzhou, China



LG Elevators was the elevator and escalator division of LG Electronics. It was acquired by Otis in 1999 and was later known as LG-OTIS Elevator Company.


LG changed its name from GoldStar in 1994 after GoldStar merged with Lucky Chemical. In 1999, it was acquired by Otis Elevator Company, later known as LG-OTIS Elevator Company from 2000 until 2003, when it was renamed to OTIS-LG Elevator Company.  Later in 2006, OTIS-LG was again renamed to Otis Elevator Korea.

LG-OTIS Elevator Company (later OTIS-LG Elevator Company then Otis Elevator Korea) was a joint venture company between Otis and LG Electronics` elevator and escalator division, LG Elevators in South Korea. It was formed in 2000. The brand was renamed to OTIS-LG Elevator Company in 2003 and later Otis Elevator Korea in 2006, where it is currently known as that in South Korea


LG Sigma Elevator Spare Parts

LG Sigma Elevator Spare Parts, LG Elevator Spare Parts, Sigma Elevator Spare Parts

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