In 2016, the output value of China's environmental protection equipment industry will reach 700 billion yuan

China Drying Network At present, China's environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry is still weak in its ability to independently innovate, its original innovation technology is too small, and its ability to integrate and reinnovate is weak. On the other hand, it is also insufficient to promote and apply technologies independently developed by China, and the level and development of industrialization. Speed ​​cannot meet the increasingly pressing need for environmental pollution control. To this end, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Environmental Protection have jointly issued a major implementation plan for the industrialization of environmental protection equipment and products. The implementation period is 2014-2016.

The overall goal of the plan is: By 2016, the average growth rate of China's environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry will remain at over 20%, and the total industrial production value of environmental protection equipment will be 700 billion yuan. Major environmental protection equipment will basically meet the needs of the domestic market. Break through a batch of key common environmental protection technologies and obtain more than 200 patents, greatly increasing the localization of key components and raw materials. Basically safeguarding the equipment supply capacity of major pollutants, we will focus on the development and promotion of a number of environmental protection equipment for the current environmental pollution problems that are of great harm. The market share of advanced environmental protection technology equipment and products with high efficiency and low consumption has increased from the current level of around 10% to more than 30%, and the international competitiveness of superior products has been improved.

The plan focuses on the needs of key environmental protection technologies, equipment and products that are in urgent need of industrialization, and focuses on key technologies research and development, major technology demonstration, industrialization construction, innovation capacity building, and advanced equipment and product promotion. High-performance polyphenylene sulfide thorn felt micropore filter, dust filter material, anti-pollution composite reverse osmosis membrane and module, high anti-pollution submerged flat membrane module, novel microporous membrane module, flue gas denitration catalyst carrier, and machine Three-effect nanocatalyst for vehicle exhaust, heavy metal wastewater treatment agent (biological agent), overspray antioxidation PPS dust-removing short fiber, solid mercury catalyst for the synthesis of polyvinyl chloride by calcium carbide method, PTFE filter material for bag filter, etc. The industrialization and application of environmental protection products will receive key support.

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