How to deal with some common problems of laser cutting machine

1. Cutting Perforation Techniques Any type of warm cutting technique, except for a few cases where it can start from the edge of the plate, usually requires a small hole in the plate. Before the laser stamping compound machine punched a hole with a punch first, and then use the laser from the small hole to start cutting. There are two basic types of perforation for laser cutting machines that are not stamped:
Burst perforation - the material forms a pit in the center after being irradiated by a continuous laser, and then the molten material is rapidly divided by the oxygen helium coaxial to the laser beam to form a hole. Ordinary hole size and thickness are closed, **** perforated uniform diameter is half of the plate thickness, so for thicker plate **** perforation hole is larger, and not round, not suitable for higher processing thickness requirements Used on parts, only for waste. In addition, because the oxygen pressure used for the perforation is the same as that during cutting, the spatter is large.
Pulse perforation - pulsed laser with top peak power to melt or vaporize a small amount of data, commonly used air or nitrogen as auxiliary gas, in order to reduce the expansion of the hole due to the warm oxidation, the gas pressure is less than the oxygen pressure when cutting. Each pulsed laser produces only a small particle emission that is progressively deeper, so that the perforation of the sheet takes a few seconds. The puncture is realized overnight, and immediately it will help the gas to be replaced by oxygen for cutting. In this way, the diameter of the perforation is smaller, and the perforation quality is better than the perforation. The laser used for this purpose should have higher output power; the more important is the time and spatial characteristics of the beam, so the conventional transversal CO2 laser cannot comply with the laser cutting request. In addition, the pulsed perforation also requires a more reliable airway mastering system to complete the switching of the gas species, the gas pressure, and the control of the perforation time.
In the case of pulse piercing, in order to obtain a high-quality center of gravity, it is important to carry out heavy-duty cutting techniques such as perforating a workpiece from a stationary pulse to a workpiece, etc. Actually, the cutting conditions of the acceleration section, such as the focal length, nozzle position, and gas pressure, can usually be changed. However, in practice, because the time is too short, the above conditions are not large enough. In the industrial production, it is important to adopt measures to change the uniformity of the laser to compare the facts. The detailed method is to change the pulse width; change the pulse frequency; change the width and frequency of the pulse at the same time. The results of the real work show that category 3 has the best results.
2. The analysis of the deformation of the small holes (small diameter and thin plate thickness) for cutting and machining. This is because the machine tool (only for large-rate laser cutting machines) does not adopt **** perforation when processing small holes, but uses Pulsed perforation (soft puncture) means that the laser energy is too concentrated in a very small area and the non-processed area is burned to form a hole deformation, affecting the amount of processing. At that time, we should change the method of pulse piercing (soft piercing) to piercing piercing (usual piercing) in the machining program. On the other hand, laser cutting machines with relatively low power are just the opposite. In the case of small holes, the method of pulse perforation should be used to obtain better surface light clarity.
3. When laser cutting low-carbon steel, the solution for burrs in agricultural parts is based on the CO2 laser cutting process and design principles. The following analysis shows that the following reasons are the main reasons for the formation of burrs on the workpiece: Laser focal plane Inaccurate position, need to focus on the test, according to the focal offset offset adjustment; laser output over-rate, the need to review the laser generator can work in general, if the general, then look at the laser control button Whether the output value can be accurate or adjusted; the line speed of cutting is too slow, and the line speed is needed to increase the line speed during operation; the miscellaneousness of the cutting gas is not sufficient, and high-quality cutting agricultural gas is required; the laser focus is offset. Need to focus on the test, focus adjustment according to the deviation of the focus; the performance of the machine is not stable when the light work, when the need to shut down the new start.
4. When laser cutting stainless steel and aluminum-zinc plate, the workpiece has burr to analyze the above situation. First, consider the reason why burrs emerge when cutting low-carbon steel, but there is no shortcut to accelerate cutting speed, due to rapid increase. Degrees sometimes show the situation where the sheet is cut and not worn, and the situation is particularly prominent when it is being applied to aluminum foil. At that time, when comprehensive consideration was given to the remaining elements of the machine tool, such as whether the nozzles could be exchanged or not, the rails could not be stabilized.
5. The analysis of the situation that the laser has been completely cut and penetrated can be invented. The following situations are the important conditions for the occurrence of unstable processing: the selection of the laser head nozzle is not suitable for the processing of the thin plate; the speed of the laser cutting line is too fast. Doing control to reduce the line speed; when the nozzle sense is not allowed to lead to the laser focal position error function, it is necessary to detect the nozzle sensor data, especially when it is cutting aluminum material.
6. The solution to the emergence of abnormal sparks when cutting low-carbon steels will affect the overall quality of the cut-off finish. At this time, when other parameters are normal, the following conditions should be considered: The loss of the laser head nozzle NOZZEL should be changed in time. In the case of no new nozzle change, the gas pressure of the cutters should be increased; the nozzles should be loosened when the laser head converges. The time should be immediately suspended cutting, review the status of the laser head to pay, Shen new good thread Chinese cutting machine trading network, allowing you to buy the rest assured! A variety of CNC cutting machine and CNC cutting equipment, a variety of cutting machine models, let the optional! Official website: /

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