High-end cutting tool products will win more space for development

High-end cutting tool products will win more space for development During the manufacturing process, some advanced machinery manufacturers asked the tool factory for the supply of certain efficient cutting tools and efficient special tools. However, due to the lack of mental preparation and technical preparation of the tool factory, they could not meet such requirements and thus lost. Source. Market analysis experts say that with the development of economy, the development trend of machine tools should shift to the production of high-speed, high-precision and high-quality products. The high-speed operation requires higher surface treatment requirements for molds, cutting tools, and mechanical parts. Extending the useful life, reducing production costs, and creating higher profits are the common goals pursued by the industry.

In order to cope with high-speed machining and save a lot of processing time and costs, tool improvement has become an important factor. Due to the higher wear resistance and hardness of tungsten carbide tools, the proportion of tungsten carbide tools in the tool market is increasing. In order to obtain the best benefits in processing, proper surface treatment must be selected. Medium and heavy load molds must be CVD high-temperature titanium plating, supplemented by precision vacuum heat treatment to achieve acceptable deformation. This part is commonly used in cold forging die, hydraulic drawing die, tungsten carbide drawing line, suction pipe. In the application of tools, molds, and mechanical parts with medium or low load or precise requirements, PVD titanium plating at low temperature (150°C to 500°C) is appropriate. Aluminium titanium nitride with high aluminum content can easily form aluminum oxide on the surface of the hard film. This layer of oxide film can make titanium aluminum nitride ceramic hard film oxidation temperature reached 923 degrees Celsius, can protect the high-speed carbide cutting tool edge cutting edge oxidation resistance and maintain high temperature hardness. However, although titanium nitride and titanium carbonitride also form titania oxide films at high temperatures, they are not easily adhered to the hard films and flaking off with chips, which results in the lack of protection of the hard films, rapid oxidation, and deterioration. Therefore, no matter whether the surface treatment of high-temperature or low-temperature coating has to be properly selected, a proper substrate and a stable heat treatment must be selected, supplemented by the pre-treatment of surface fine-grinding and polishing. Ultra-high temperature resin bond diamond grinding wheel processing efficiency is lower than METROX grinding wheel, due to the high bonding strength of the grinding wheel, the production cycle is short, the processing cost is low, especially when grinding tool edge is not easy to cause chipping, and according to the use requirements, Grinding into a variety of shape and shape of the molding wheel, so it is still widely used in production for a long time. How to further improve the grinding performance of such grinding wheels has also become an important task at present.

With the rapid development of tool design, manufacturing and use technologies, and the ever-increasing output of cutting tools, ultra-high temperature resin-bonded diamond grinding wheels still cannot fully meet the requirements for high-volume production of cutting tools. There is still room for further development in the number and quality of tools. . To this end, Shanghai Zhongyu Company is further studying how to improve the grinding performance of this type of grinding wheel, in particular, a large number of experimental studies have been conducted on the wear resistance of the bonding agent, the bonding strength of the bonding agent and the diamond abrasive, and the self-sharpening properties. Great progress. The test results show that the improved wheel grinding efficiency can be increased by about 20% on the original basis, and the grinding wheel life can be increased by about 50%.

At present, China's tool production structure and market need to be seriously out of balance. There is a large gap in the market for carbide tools, but the market is now mostly high-speed steel tools and low-end standard tools. Compared with foreign countries, the tool market in China is obviously unbalanced. Manufacturers should adjust tool product transformation as soon as possible and develop high-end, advanced tools.

Ultrasonic Intermittent Generator:

Ultrasonic intermittent generator is also called ultrasonic ultrasonic electric control box, ultrasonic sonotrode, according to different frequency, ultrasonic intermittent generator can be devided into 15khz and 20khz, different ultrasonic machine equipped with different ultrasonic sensor. Our generator box with stong output and stable performace which can support long time working. Ultrasonic Generatoralso can equipped with lots of ultrasonic machine, such as paper cup making machine, Ultrasonic Bonding Machine, ultrasonic quilting machine, etc. 

Applications of ultrasonic intermittent generator:

Paper Cup Making Machine, Nonwoven Machinery, such as Nonwoven Bag Making Machine, Nonwoven Surgical Cap Making Machine, Nonwoven Bouffant Cap Making Machine, Nonwoven Shoe Cover Making Machine, Nonwoven  Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine, Ultrasonic Lace machine, Three Layers Bag Making Machines, Plastic Bag Making Machine, Stationery, Machinery, Automation Equipment, etc.

Advantages of  ultrasonic intermittent generator:
1. Reasonable design of the internal ultrasonic generator.
2. There are four gears of the ultrasonic generator power which can be adjusted according to different needs. 
3. The excellent performance of heat dissipation, which can reduce internal interference and extend the life of generator.
4. Applicable to a variety of machines, such as ultrasonic welding machine, non-woven fabric compound machine, mask machine, plastic bag machine, sealing machine.

Technical parameters of ultrasonic intermittent generator: 

Frequency 15k/20k/28kHz   
Power 2000W   
 Output time 0.01-99.9s   
Voltage 220V (50~60Hz)   
Weight 15KG   
Size 385*525*135mm  

Ultrasonic Intermittent Generator

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