Renault Lite air-conditioning outer cover is novel and easy to use

Renault Lite air-conditioning outer cover is novel and easy to use


Updated: 22 April 2013 Author: Margaret Reynolds

The air-conditioner's long-term outdoor aircraft hangs outdoors, withstands the sun, rain, and wind and dust. It easily rusts and blocks dust, seriously affecting the normal service life of air conditioners. Renault Lite air-conditioner outer cover is waterproof, dustproof, sun-proof, anti-aging, easy to use, and can effectively prolong the service life of your air conditioner!

Renault Lite air-conditioning outer cover manufacturers each product from the development, the development of the knife user hands, many links with a quality information even maintains the company's credibility. Quality management requires the participation of every employee in the company and requires each employee to contribute to quality management.

Renaultite aluminum alloy air conditioner outer cover products have greatly improved in styles, materials and other aspects, of which there are more styles in the style, there is an integral type, there are also foldable, easy to install the second On behalf of the product, in the material, there are commonly used aluminum alloy, but also anti-rust steel plate; in color, different colors, according to the needs of customers to spray; size can also be customized according to customer requirements, more to meet more Different needs of customers.

Renault Lite aluminum air conditioning outer cover products for a variety of air-conditioning outdoor unit. The product is easy to install and requires only a single cover. The cities and towns throughout the country are welcome to join dealers and agents.

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