TMJ-II Area Measuring Instrument Instructions

TMJ-II Area Measuring Instrument Instructions

1. Boot:

Turn on the power switch to display the initial screen in scan mode:

"GPS area measuring instrument", "search satellite..." information. At the same time, the figures in the upper left corner rise from 01 to 99, indicating that satellites are being searched.

2. Measurement interface:

After searching for satellite signals (this process may take several minutes), enter the measurement interface:



Ready 000

Longitude: 12011.5005

Latitude: 3016.2080

"Ready" - gauge status; "Ready": Positioned, ready for waiting status; "Measure": Positioning measurement status; "Search": Search satellite status during manual measurement;

"000" - the number of recorded measurement points;

"12:18" - real time, 12:18;

"MZR08" - setting parameters and number of satellites; "M": measurement parameters, M is the measurement area, J is the measurement distance and perimeter; "Z": recording mode, Z is the automatic recording data, S is the manual recording data; R”: memory switch flag; when “R” is displayed, the memory is on, and the measurement data can be recorded. When “R” is not displayed, the memory is off and only the measurement is not recorded.

Longitude: 12011.5005 is 120 degrees 11.5005 points

Latitude: 3016.2080 is 30 degrees 16.2080 points

3. Automatic measurement:

After entering the measurement interface, the measurement can be started. The default mode is "Auto" and the LCD shows "MZ" at the upper right.

Hand-held area meter, lay flat, and the green “eagle” icon on the left side of the LCD screen is aligned with the measurement boundary, then press “confirm” key to start measurement, the LCD screen displays:



Measuring 001

Longitude 12011.500158

Latitude 3016.208038

Walking around the measuring area, the measuring point keeps increasing (usually plus one per second), the measuring instrument automatically records the measurement data, press the “∧” key to clear the measured measuring point and restart the measurement; return to the starting position, press “Confirm” Key to display the measurement result:

01 average 22.18 acres

22.18 acres

14786 m 2

Press the "Save" key to save the measured record and result in memory.

Press "∨" key to return to the measurement interface for the next measurement.

4. Manual measurement:

When there are buildings, bridges, tunnels, big trees and other obstacles that affect satellite signals on the way, the area should be measured manually. Measure manually and take measurement points at the edge of the measured area. The area enclosed by the measurement points is as consistent as the measured area. The more measurement points, the higher the accuracy.

Press "∧" and "∨" in the "Function" menu to move "*" to "Self"

"Test" front, press "confirm" button to switch to "manual test" mode, then press "∧" and "∨" key to move "*" to "measure area", press "confirm" key to start measurement. When the satellite can be searched outdoors, "S" is displayed at the top right of the screen.

When measuring, press “Save” to save the measurement point, save it into a measurement point, press “Save” button at the next measurement point, save it in the second measurement point, operate in sequence, etc. and store it in the last measurement point. ,Press “Confirm” key, the instrument displays the area enclosed by all the measuring points.

5. Function selection

Press the "function" key to enter the menu, press the "∧" and "∨" keys to select, and then press the "confirm" key to select the operation.

6. Record query:

Select “Check Record” in the function menu. The history of the measurement is displayed on the screen. Press “∧” and “∨” to page.

7. Delete the record:

In the function menu, select “Delete Record” and press “Confirm” key record. Pressing “Confirm” key after LCD prompt will delete all history records.

8. Automatic manual switching

In the function menu, select "automatic (or manual) test" and press "confirm" key to switch.

9. Memory switch

Select "Memory Off (or On)" in the function menu and press the "OK" button to switch.

When memory is on, measurement data will be saved, and data will not be saved when the memory is off. Unless necessary, it is recommended to turn off the memory so as to avoid damage caused by frequent reading and writing of the memory.

5. Data Communication

When inquiring and recording, press “Save” key, the instrument will send the recorded measurement result and latitude and longitude data of each measurement point as RS-232C serial standard.

6. Other matters:

1) When the number of satellites is measured in more than 5 and large-scale farmland, the measurement accuracy is high.

2) Avoid direct sunlight on the LCD screen, resulting in unclear display.

3) Use 4 AA alkaline batteries and replace them when the battery is low.

4) Please record important measurement data in time. The instrument cannot guarantee long-term storage of data.

7. Technical parameters

1) Area measurement range: 0-9999999 m 2, or 0-999999.9 mus

2) Relative accuracy of area measurement: 5% (<2 mu), 3% (<10 mu), 2% (<50 mu), 1% (100 mu)

3) Distance measurement range: 0-999999.9 meters

4) Distance measurement accuracy: ±2.5 meters

5) Operating conditions: Temperature -10°C~50°C, Humidity 5%~95%

6) Record storage: 100 or 3000 points

7) Power Supply Voltage: 6V (4 Section 5 Dry Cells)

Computer software operation method

1. Computer requirements: RS-232C communication port, WINDOWS2000 or WINDOWSXP operating system, display resolution 1024 * 768, correctly connected communication lines.

2. Software Installation: Run “SETUP.EXE” to install GPS measurement software and copy the “Communication.EXE” software to the “Project 1” folder of the measurement software installation directory.

3. Data reception: Run the software, click on the "Communication" command with the mouse and open the serial communication software. The communication setting adopts the default setting, that is baud rate: 4800, parity bit: NONE, data bit: 8, stop bit: 1; do not select "Hexadecimal", "stop display", "automatically clear", "progressive display" Need to set the serial port number correctly according to the serial port; press the corresponding key of the meter to send data, then the window will display the received data; click "Save Display Data" to save the data file (.TXT) to the same file of the application. Clip; click "Clear Receive Display" before proceeding to the next reception.

4. Display graphics. Click the "Start" command, enter the data file name (without the suffix, the file must be in the same folder as the application); click on the "Show" command, the window displays the GPS measurement map, and displays information such as area perimeter in the information window.

5. View information: In the upper left information bar, "Measurement point number", "Average latitude longitude", "Mouse coordinates", "Area perimeter", etc. are displayed.

6. Add text: First enter the text to be displayed in the information field, then click the "Text" command, move the mouse to a suitable position and click the mouse to place the text.

7. Modify the graph: Click the "correct" command, click to draw the polygon with the mouse, and finally double-click to complete the correction.

8. Graphical switch: In the information bar, select “Show Measured Graph” and “Show Correction Map”, and then click “Display” to display the graph again. If only the correction graph is displayed, the graph will be displayed.

The area and perimeter are data for the correction map.

9. Copy the graph: Click the "Copy" command to copy the graph to the clipboard, and then paste it in WORD or other software.

10. Save the graph: Click the "Save" command and the graph will be saved in BMP format in the same file as the data file.

11. Technical support.

Hangzhou Top Instrument Co., Ltd.

Address: 8th Floor, Songdu Building, No. 69 Wangjiang Road, Hangzhou

Telephone service


Sales phone



For more relevant instrument instructions, please see: http://

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