China's lighting industry's battlefield pattern battle

Whether it is the Red Star Macalline in the furniture industry, the home of Yuexing, the home of Yuexing, or the Gome and Suning in the home appliance industry, these hypermarkets have emerged at the stage of rapid industrial development, which confirms the rapid development of China's furniture and home appliance industry. . Compared with other traditional industries, the lighting industry started late, but the speed of development is on the rise. Authorities expect that the output value of China's LED lighting industry will increase by 58 to reach 180 billion yuan in 2014. In addition, according to data from the Taiwan Topology Industry Research Institute, the current penetration rate of global LED lighting is only 10, and by the end of 2020, the penetration rate will reach 50. It can be said that the industrial explosion period of the lighting industry is coming soon. Faced with such a vigorous development trend, channel construction is also closely followed. From the road economy represented by the ancient town to the industrial complex represented by the Guangbohui Global Lighting Trading Center, the marketization level has risen and is booming. The road economy, the era of the era of the road economy, witnessed the history of China's lighting industry from sprouting to thriving. Among them, the non-ancient town that best represents the road economy is none other than. As we all know, Zhongshan Guzhen is the old lighting industry cluster base, there are international lighting to see China, and Chinese lighting to see the ancient town. From the end of the late 1970s to the early 1990s, especially in the 1990s, influenced by the real estate boom, more than 300 lighting companies in Guzhen set up sales outlets in the town center, forming the first lighting street in the ancient town, which gradually formed. The famous Shili Deng Street in China and abroad is a unique scenery of the ancient town. However, with the development of the lighting industry, most of the shops in the store are privately funded, there is no unified planning, and there is no corresponding supporting facilities. In addition, the problems of low land utilization rate and heavy traffic pressure are restricted to some extent. The upgrading of the lighting industry. The economic operation mode of the street market along the street is increasingly unable to meet the rapid development of the industry. At the same time, the store is not only a sales platform in the traditional sense, it also bears the window for lighting companies to show their own strength and brand influence. Therefore, the store has become a lighting store integrating shopping, leisure and business. The pursuit of many lighting companies. Lighting stores, I want to say that it is not easy to love you nowadays, whether it is the need of urban construction or the demand of consumers for the shopping environment, high-standard shopping professional hypermarkets have emerged in the market economy, lighting stores are no exception, Guangbohui The global lighting trading center, the ancient town Star Alliance Lighting Plaza, Xiaolan LED Kyushu City, Guzhen Lihe Square, etc. have been born, is the performance of the lighting store continues to expand. Emerging lighting stores, large scale, high grade, beautiful environment, promote shopping experience and enjoyment, some stores even integrate product exhibition trade, business office, hotel catering, entertainment and shopping, etc., greatly changing the traditional lighting industry's sales pattern This is undoubtedly a leap from the store to the store, and an upgrade of the lighting industry. However, many of the current store operation modes are still in a simple and extensive stage of business, and the operation mode is very homogenized. Most of the scale expansion of the store is characterized by spatial changes, and there is no innovation in the model. Therefore, the comprehensive competitiveness of these stores is very weak and it is difficult to withstand the market test. Some companies that have already settled in the store decided to move back to the original street shop. The reason is that the store only collects rents and lacks other supporting and value-added services. On the other hand, most of the stores still choose to rent and sell in the form of renting. The lack of ownership of the merchants not only bear the pressure of high rent, but also bear the risk of the shop being subject to people. They need a platform to radiate the whole country and the world. The market also needs an industrial park to help them develop better. In this context, the lighting industry complex represented by Guangbohui was born. The industrial complex has come to the forefront in the lighting industry today. With the customer demand as the guide and service as the core competitiveness, it will become a high-end exhibition platform for merchants, owners, buyers and the industry. The inevitable trend of the development of lighting stores. Guangbohui Global Lighting Trading Center has always sought to achieve a win-win situation with merchants with a mindset of pioneering reforms in the industry. It is a model for the development of industrial complexes and a pioneer in the reform of the lighting industry. (1) Yongkai Xianhe, the privatization of commercial property rights LED lighting enterprises must vigorously develop, but they have to face the problem of private property rights of shops. Without property rights, the development of lifeline is in the hands of others, which somewhat restricts the development of enterprises. Guangbohui, which is only one river away from the ancient town, has boldly launched an LED lighting and lighting property store with an area of ​​nearly 1 million square meters. It has opened up a business model in which the industry has changed the traditional shops to rent and sell, so that enterprises can completely get rid of the fate of being controlled. Guangbohui brings more than just the reform of LED lighting and lighting property stores, but also the revolution of LED lighting industry. In terms of policy, Guangbohui is listed as a national, provincial and municipal government's key support project and the government's key supervision project, and is listed in the national CEPA Guangdong-Macao cooperation major project. Anyone who settles in the enterprise can enjoy: 1. Free three minus two (value-added tax, sales tax, corporate income tax) reduction and support policies. 2. Institutions involved in various administrative departments and exercising government functions shall charge administrative fees at or below the municipal level and enjoy a zero-charge policy. 3. Priority is given to Jiangmen City's relevant preferential policies for science and technology funds and innovation funds for green light source strategic emerging industries. (2) The most complete professional market for global trade and exhibition is the first step in the production of Guangbohui. It is positioned as a global lighting trading center with a construction area of ​​nearly 1 million m2, of which the lighting exhibition area accounts for 650,000 m2, and commercial facilities account for 20%. 10,000 m2, the parking area accounts for 150,000 m2, which is the largest industrial market complex with the theme of lighting and lighting that will be built around the world. In terms of functions, Guangbo brings together products exhibition trade, conference and exhibition, e-commerce, R&D testing, intelligent logistics, business office, hotel catering, entertainment and shopping, and housing support to provide a full range of industrial service platform, which is the global lighting lighting. The most complete professional market for trade and exhibition. (3) Unique geographical location In terms of geographical location, Guangbohui has seized the unique advantages of the world. It is located at the core of the Pearl River Delta Pan-Home Business Circle. It is adjacent to Foshan International Building Materials City, Shunde International Furniture City and Kaiping China Sanitary City. Buyers focus on the place. With the acceleration of the integration of traffic in the Pearl River Delta, the construction of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge has been completed. There are three inter-city light rail passenger stations within a radius of 5 km. The Hong Kong and Macau passenger terminals, foreign trade cargo terminals and expressway entrances and exits are within easy reach, within 100 km. With 5 international airports and a perfect three-dimensional transportation network, it is the largest beneficiary city in the Pearl River Delta. In addition, nearly 15,000 lighting enterprises are gathered within 50 kilometers. The mature industrial clusters and the pan-light business circle axis are effective guarantees for the prosperity and success of the market. (4) Multi-faceted protection of market operations No matter which industry's stores, the most worrying is that the market is cold, the goods are unattended, and even some stores, after renting out the venue, how the merchants operate, is a loss, is a pair It’s not a matter of attitude. Based on the attitude of sharing the risks with the settled merchants and sharing risks, Guangbohui has guaranteed the market to flourish in many aspects. In order to effectively avoid the loss of customers, in the design of the store, the use of advanced international commercial Mall hollow, large-channel planning and design concept, the first to launch the first floor height of 8 meters, two to seven floors high 7 meters, pavement opening 9 meters, no The pavement of the beam design. Innovative Q-shaped combined smooth moving line design ensures that each store is a first-line gold shop. The central axis landscape river design will be a landscape for future business travel and a guarantee for market prosperity. The Guangbohui project is divided into four major thematic trade zones, one district and one theme multi-business combination, forming a lighting market complex. Clear guide signs and the first electronic shopping guide system make purchasing easier, more convenient and more accurate. For example, in operation, Guangbohui built its own property management team and introduced a third-party professional operation team, spending billions of dollars on marketing expenses, establishing an O2O e-commerce platform, and taking advantage of domestic and international advertising media and international exhibitions. Global Light Festival, Purchasing Festival, Tourism Festival Project Procurement Tendering, etc. to expand potential customers, and open free shuttle buses, set up purchase through train lines, to ensure the market's popularity throughout the year, not to go out to do global business. As the competition in the lighting market continues to heat up, the competition in lighting stores will inevitably intensify. No matter what kind of competition, there is competition, sublimation is the same truth, steady change, change in stability, dare to change, be brave in innovation, develop together with merchants and manufacturers, and provide consumers with a perfect shopping environment. In order to stand out in the store, long-term prosperity, in the end, is the strategic competition, the competition of industry leaders. In the future, with the expansion of the LED industry and the continuous development of the transportation network, the position dispute will no longer be the focus of competition. How to retain customers with service as the core competitiveness and retain consumers is the future development of high-end stores. The direction, this is the problem that the industry has left us, and it is also the problem we are constantly thinking about.

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