Analysis of Market Size of China's Heavy Hydraulic Automatic Transmission

Heavy-duty hydraulic automatic transmission refers to the transmission that is matched with heavy-duty trucks and large passenger vehicles and construction machinery equipment. Usually, the automotive transmission with the nominal input torque above 900nm is called a heavy-duty transmission. Heavy-duty hydraulic automatic transmission products are mainly used in heavy-duty vehicles, major mines, oil fields, hydraulic engineering, seaports and fire protection systems.

China heavy-duty hydraulic automatic transmission market size <br> <br> our domestic heavy-duty hydraulic automatic transmission industry is still in its infancy, product localization rate is very low, a high dependence on imports, domestic production of very few companies, large-scale mass production The company only has Xi'an Shuangte Intelligent Transmission Co., Ltd.

Heavy hydraulic automatic transmission product chain upstream: professional hydraulic system consulting company, automatic transmission equipment supplier; heavy hydraulic automatic transmission industry: spare parts supplier, professional transmission manufacturer; heavy hydraulic automatic transmission product downstream: mining enterprise Mine car Applications, oil field enterprise fracturing car applications.

China's heavy-duty hydraulic automatic transmission market scale 2011-2013, China's heavy-duty hydraulic transmission production scale is relatively small, foreign-funded enterprises occupy the dominant position in the industry, while domestic companies have poor self-development capabilities, resulting in smaller domestic production, product import dependence Very high, the industry output increased in 2013, reaching 1,000 sets.

In 2013, in the domestic heavy-duty hydraulic automatic transmission market, product technology was introduced into the United States, Germany, and Japan. The localization rate of products was very low, and the proportion of heavy-duty hydraulic automatic transmissions on heavy-duty vehicles was not very high. The potential market demand was large, but The current market size is not very large, and the market size is around several thousand units.

The report on the market analysis and development prospects of China's heavy-duty hydraulic automatic transmissions in 2014-2018 reported that at is mainly used in cars and heavy-duty vehicles. At present, the proportion of at is the largest among passenger cars; at mid- and low-end cars, buses, and heavy duty Trucks have been widely used; due to different domestic consumer habits, the market application of heavy-duty hydraulic automatic transmission products in China is not very large. With the development of the industry in the future, downstream users will increase product awareness and product supply capacity. In 2014-2018, the demand for heavy-duty hydraulic automatic transmission products in China will expand, and in 2018, the market for product demand will reach 20,000 sets.

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