Common faults of numerical control devices are eliminated by executing numerical control devices

There are many reasons for the display failure. For example, the system software error, power failure, system motherboard failure, etc. may cause the display to not work properly, but the main reason is the failure of the display system itself. Therefore, the display should be based on the specific problem. The situation is checked one by one.

The failure of the numerical control device. Common faults of numerical control devices mainly include improper setting of machine data, error in machining program, operator error, poor contact or damage of components, etc. These faults can be eliminated by executing the cleaning or initialization or replacement or repair of machine parameters in the numerical control device. .

The servo system is faulty. The servo system is the most faulty part of the CNC machine tool. The common faults mainly include 5 system damage, no control commands, the workpiece surface does not meet the requirements during machining, the fuse is blown, the motor is overheated, etc. These faults are generally caused by servo motors. Problems caused by servo control unit, coding code, speed measuring device, etc., only the analysis and inspection of each unit can confirm the problem.



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