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Water Filter Cartridges


Alternative filter elements for particle contamination control in non-machine fluid systems. Such as water filter, food and beverage filter, medical fluid filter, etc.

 Characteristics and advantages:

Some of their uses are closely related to people's daily lives and even their health. For example, the purification of infusion agents (brine, glucose and medicament) used by hospital ward doctors is closely related to life. Inferior filters often produce shedding fibers. The most common water filter elements are wool filter, melt blown filter, activated carbon adsorption filter (UDF), polyvinyl alcohol (PVC) foam filter, large flow folding filter, stainless steel sieve tube, resin filter element, reverse osmosis membrane (RO) and so on.


The fields of water filtration and purification fields: production water for food processing enterprises, circulating water for machinery and equipment, circulating water for iron and steel enterprises, underground water injection for oil fields, water for power generation in power plants, and so on.

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Water Filter Element

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