Plasma cutter safety operating procedures

1. Check that the equipment and tools are in good condition. After the device is powered on, first check the AC power before sending DC. Insulation shoes should be worn during work and insulation pads should be laid on the ground.
2. After the device is powered on, it is forbidden to touch live parts and open ventilation equipment. Never use both hands to touch the positive and negative poles of the torch at the same time.
3. When it is necessary to pull out the tungsten electrode during operation, the DC power supply must be cut off. When grinding the tungsten electrode, it is necessary to use a grinder with water jet and observe the operating rules of the grinder.
4. After touching the tungsten electrode with bare hands, it must be washed with soap or running water. Used protective equipment must not be taken out of the workshop.
5. Workplaces must be equipped with fire fighting equipment. After the work is completed, the power of the control cabinet, the DC cabinet, and the AC cabinet are cut off, and the total power is cut off. Gas cylinders and pressure gauges should be periodically sent for verification or testing.

These auxiliary brush machines are designed to trim and flag automatically the brooms and brushes with flat or curved profiles. They integrate the functions of trimming and flagging together. Working with the brush making machines, these auxiliary machines can reduce the production processes and increase production output. And dust suction unit is included to remove dust and waste material and keep the machine clean.

Trimming And Flagging Machine

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