Yutong and North Bus Get New Passenger Car Order in Zhejiang

Ning Hangzhe High-speed Rail Full Moon, Shanghai and Zhejiang long-distance passenger transport companies and the Shanghai Railway Bureau have their own outcomes in the competition for market sources, and the manufacturers of cars in the North and Yutong buses have benefited from it. They have harvested new ones in Shanghai and Zhejiang. Order.

Every time the new high-speed rail line is opened, road passenger transportation companies along the route will make adjustments, such as changing vehicles. The Shaoxing Automobile Group in Zhejiang used to pursue large-capacity, luxury and high-grade vehicles, with one or two million yuan, or more than three million yuan, or even a double-decker bus. However, the high purchase cost may cause too high operating costs. .

On July 1 this year, the Nanjing-Hangzhou-Hangzhou-Ningbo high-speed railway opened to traffic. Zhejiang Shaoxing Automobile & Transportation Group no longer competes with high-end positioning and railways. Instead, it purchased Yutong Bus, which is a medium and high-grade passenger car. The company has nearly 800 passenger and bus vehicles, and more than 50% are Yutong buses.

Zhejiang Hangzhou Changyun Group has also been keen to purchase ultra-luxury buses. Since 2011, however, more consideration has been given to cost control in the competition with high-speed rail. The proportion of medium-to-high-end passenger cars is increasing, and one of its long-distance passenger companies, Yutong Buses account for nearly 70% of the total number of vehicles.

Shanghai Long-distance Passenger South Station chose the vehicle upgrade for Shanghai-Hangzhou, Hangzhou-Ningbo high-speed railway connecting line and Shanghai-Chongqing express trains to increase the speed, and changed the Shanghai-operated vehicles of the Shanghai and Ningbo-class lines to the northern large-scale third grade. The luxury bus can only install 38 business seats in a 51-seat cabin, which greatly improves the ride comfort. The car is equipped with a toilet, and it provides direct access to the whole station. It also has wireless Internet access. For travelers to use along the way.

Whether it is the “go” deluxe vehicle of Zhejiang Long-distance Passenger Transport Company or the “trend” luxury of Shanghai Long-distance South Station on the Shanghai and Ningbo lines, it all reflects that under the peril of the high-speed rail, the road passenger transport companies are pursuing more cost-effective vehicles for themselves. Create greater value.

It is understood that the new passenger car is generally used for 8 years. In the passenger transportation cost, the initial purchase cost of the passenger car only accounts for about 15%, and the cost of vehicle operation and maintenance accounts for about 70%. Yutong Bus also admitted at the official website that due to the impact of EMUs and high-speed trains, the income of road transport companies is decreasing. Although the purchase costs of vehicles have decreased, the decline will not offset the increase in later use costs. Therefore, vehicle manufacturers It is also necessary to cooperate with tires and powertrain manufacturers to reduce the overall cost of use of buses to attract road transport companies.

From July 1 to August 1 this year, long-distance passenger transportation companies along the Nanjing-Hangzhou-Hangzhou-Ningbo high-speed rail line have achieved “Icefire and Heavy Duty”. Professionals said on the Haizi railway network that the bus between Hangzhou and Nanjing was cut from class 40 to class 12 and the attendance rate was very low; the bus between Ningbo and Ningbo was cut to 70 from 100 classes a day; the coach between Ningbo and Nanjing was Basically two classes a day, daily passengers fell from two or three hundred to twenty or thirty.

The shift and passenger flow between Ningbo and Shanghai did not change. The main reason was that the car was from Ningbo to Shanghai South Railway Station. The entire time was controlled at 2.5-3 hours and did not lose at the railway. “The long-distance companies in Shanghai and Shanghai are still very moist. The Shanghai Long-distance South Station has a waiting room in Ningbo, and there are free coffee drinks for tourists. They are happy to take the bus. But if the high-speed train enters Hainan Station, then there is a play.”

Shanghai Railway Administration did not win the Nanjing-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway. As of July 31, the Nanjing-Hangzhou and Hangzhou-Ningbo high-speed rail transported 1.963 million passengers and 3.325 million passengers respectively. The average daily passenger transport capacity reached 63,000 and 110,000 passengers. The average passenger load factor was 72% and 82%.

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