Enlightenment from the Energetic State-owned Enterprises Bringing along the Development of Private Equipment Manufacturing

Since 2009, the energy industry has seized opportunities from the crisis and strengthened energy infrastructure construction in accordance with the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council to “preserve growth, expand domestic demand, and adjust structure”, not only to start a batch of major energy engineering projects, but also to promote important keys. The independent research and development of technology and major energy equipment has stimulated the sustained growth of the energy economy and the entire national economy.
When the international financial crisis began to spread in the real economy and caused serious damage in the economically developed Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, many export-oriented enterprises have closed down because of the shrinking international market demand. Although the state has promulgated a series of preferential policies, for most small and medium-sized science and technology private enterprises, the lack of a market will result in lack of vitality. Therefore, among many private enterprises, there is such a saying: “The support of the country’s policies is like an intimate 'warm underwear', which brings confidence and hope; and the opening of a number of major energy projects. This brings the market and living space, especially when the financial 'flood' strikes. Large companies such as PetroChina are like a big tree, sheltering the saplings from wind and rain and resisting the cold.”
Private Enterprises in Financial "Flood" Close to State-Owned Enterprises "Big Tree"
Zhejiang Jiali Technology Co., Ltd. in the Yangtze River Delta is one of many private enterprises. According to statistics, Jiali's industry mainly involves two major areas. First, the production of new energy wind power equipment components, accounting for 4.5% of the global market, in the country's top three; second is the petrochemical energy storage and transportation equipment manufacturing, accounting for the national market 11.41%. As a state-level high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and manufacturing energy equipment, they have actually felt the adverse effects of the economic crisis since last year: the reduction of foreign orders and exports has made 90% of wind power components rely on exports. Suddenly hit hard. However, because of the production of petroleum products such as pipeline pumps, in the first half of 2009, when the economic situation was very poor, the company's operating income maintained a slight increase over the same period of last year, achieving a net profit growth of more than 50% year-on-year.
Why does Kanri Industry still maintain a good situation in the absence of a general economic environment? Jia Zheng, chairman of Jiali, introduced that this benefited from the company's reliance on energy and petroleum technology: The company has long-term production of petroleum storage centrifugal pump products for large-scale petroleum and petrochemical enterprises such as PetroChina and Sinopec. , China's petrochemical material resources market, a member of the unit, energy, a member of the network, China Petroleum and Sinopec excellent supplier. In addition, the company has made great efforts to innovate and develop long-distance pipeline pumps, oil and gas pipeline oil and gas delivery system equipment, and so on, which has created more benefits for enterprises and countries.
"In addition to having its own factors, strengthening scientific and technological innovation, and having excellent product quality and good services, corporate development also needs to thank such large state-owned companies as China National Petroleum Corporation and Sinopec Corp. Major state-owned projects such as the Kazakhstan Oil Pipeline have been successively built, and Jiali Technology, which is backed by oil trees, has a strong ability to resist the economic crisis, said Gong Zhengyu.
State-owned enterprises have overcome the difficulties and driven private enterprises to worry about the country. In the industrial chain of China's equipment manufacturing, there are many private enterprises that are born out of oil and flourish. Although these enterprises are difficult to compete with state-owned enterprises, they have made due contributions to market diversification.
In the special circumstances of the financial crisis, large state-owned enterprises, such as China National Petroleum Corporation, are still actively worrying about their own country under the conditions of their own impact and facing great risks. Through the construction of major domestic and foreign projects and major projects, China’s oil companies will promote China’s expansion. Domestic demand maintained growth and made every effort to create a clear skies, especially by promoting the localization of key equipment such as natural gas pipelines, drastically driving the survival and development of equipment manufacturing companies, and once again demonstrating the social responsibilities of state-owned enterprises, with a total length of 5,300 kilometers to the east of the Second West-East Gas Pipeline. The project will drive more than 300 billion yuan in related investment. Through the construction of key projects such as the Second West-East Gas Pipeline, PetroChina has led many industrial upgrading of equipment manufacturing companies, which has stimulated the growth of the regional economy and the industrial chain.
In recent years, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration have vigorously promoted the localization of equipment. According to the “12th Five-Year Plan” of PetroChina, by 2015, CNPC will build more than 38,000 km of natural gas pipelines. The realization of the localization of key equipment for long-distance natural gas transmission pipelines is of contemporary importance and benefits. China, as a rapidly developing large country, should fully and capable of forming its own manufacturing technology and production capacity in key equipment for long-distance natural gas transmission pipelines. It must not rely on imports for a long time. China National Petroleum will vigorously promote the development of key equipment in the construction of natural gas pipelines. This is also an inevitable requirement for ensuring the safe operation of long-distance natural gas pipelines in China. It is an important measure for responding to the international financial crisis and revitalizing national industries.

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