Vertical Machining Center Safety Operation Procedures

1. Before the operation, wear each labor insurance product, perform lubrication maintenance as required, and check the oil level of each lubricant.

2. When the workpiece is clamped, it should be lightly placed to prevent bruises and collisions with the work surface. When the workpiece is heavy, the load-bearing capacity of the machine table should also be verified, and overload operation is not allowed.

3. After the machine starts, check the movement of the spindle and the workbench in each direction and whether each pressure indicator is normal and whether there are abnormal noises.

4, the processing program should be checked before the correct, before running, use the high-speed function to confirm the match of the tool.

5. During the processing, attention should always be paid to whether the machine tool's movement and machining conditions are normal and abnormal phenomena are encountered. When noise and alarms are detected, the machine should be shut down immediately for inspection and processing. After troubleshooting, processing can continue.

6. If there are too many iron chips in the flutes, clean them manually and open the chip conveyor.

7. New machine operators should familiarize themselves with machine tool performance, operation methods and precautions, and should be guided by relevant personnel before they can operate the machine.

8, the workpiece is completed, to clean the table, wipe and lubricate the machine, cleaning the surrounding hygiene, keep the site tidy.

9. The control system must be turned off before turning off the main power of the machine; the emergency stop switch is not used in non-emergency state.

10. Before going off work every day, fill in the operation records of the machine tool and make a succession shift.

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