New car care tips: High quality oil protection engine

The maintenance and maintenance of trucks has always been a topic of concern to transportation companies and drivers. It is well-known that good condition is a solid foundation for business growth. When the truck is in a new car, the engine is in a running-in phase, and the quality of running-in will have a significant impact on engine life, vehicle safety, and economy. Therefore, the maintenance work must be started from the start of the new car.

Many drivers think that vehicle maintenance is a professional job and often do not know where to start. In fact, as long as we pay more attention in two areas, it is not difficult to maintain a good state of the new car.

First, drivers must cultivate good driving habits. Usually, the running-in period of the new car is about 3,000 kilometers. During this process, it should be kept as even as possible to avoid accelerator pedals or brakes. In addition, try to run at an economical speed (eg 80 km/h) and avoid high-speed driving. .

On the other hand, choosing a high-quality engine oil can provide better protection to the engine. In general, the engine oil mainly plays a role in lubricating, cleaning, cooling, sealing, and grinding. High-quality engine oil has stable viscosity, good cleanliness, and strong rust-proof and corrosion-proof ability, which can effectively reduce the wear of impurities on the engine. At the same time, it has better heat dissipation and can effectively reduce fuel consumption.

In general, the use of high-quality engine oil does not cause abnormal noise and the service life can be extended. In addition, in general, the new car should change its oil almost every three months or 10,000 kilometers. However, with good oil, this cycle can be appropriately extended.

Choosing a motor oil with superior performance and affordable price is a technical task. It is recommended that drivers choose the brand oil with guaranteed quality as much as possible. The Meifu Black Overlord with more than 80 years of history is a brand that many drivers are familiar with. Recently, after doing a brand new upgrade, the performance is even better. The driver who is about to change oil may wish to try.

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