Changzhou Zhenhua Launches MGW Series High-Efficiency Microwave Sterilization Device

Changzhou Zhenhua Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. recently introduced the MGW series of high-efficiency microwave sterilizers, which rely on the superposition of microwave and steam power to ensure sterilization in a short time at low temperature. This technology has filled the domestic gap and has obtained national patents.
For steam sterilizing, high saturated steam temperature requires long sterilization time, which may cause damage to the active ingredients of the material. The subsequent drying process is required; microwave sterilization is apt to produce sterilization "dead angle" and cobalt 60 radiation sterilize resulting in radioactive residue defects. Changzhou Zhen The MGW series of high-efficiency microwave sterilization equipment developed by China has the advantages of rapid speed (usually only 4 to 6 minutes), elimination of sterilization dead angle, simple operation, high degree of automation, continuous production, and adjustable speed.

Software is a specialized action time predeterming system designed for sewing industry, an easy and understandable method analysis technique and can be used for evaluating such operations as sewing, ironing, inspecting and packing. The program achieve real-time data collection, to ensure the production flow, order delivery time. To achieve the establishment of a transparent and efficient wage system, improve the enthusiasm of employees. To achieve the establishment of scientific quality control system, reduce the repair rate. Also achieve real-time dynamic management of each parking space, each process, each employee. At same time provide scientific, reasonable and accurate data base for lean production management and strategic decision. It has few features, as Standardized management, Automatic operation, Data-based information, Timeliness of problem, Accurate calculation of pieces by employees, Real-time order tracking, Real-time worker monitoring, Real-time target management and QC automation. 

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